Renovation Rescue: One Pan Meals For The Home Owner Refurbing Their Kitchen

by Dec 19, 2017

No kitchen. No problem. Emily discovers renovation works don’t have to mean the end of cooked breakfasts and tasty dinners.

As I write, there are three builders in the house – the dog is getting in their way, there aren’t any clean tea cups, and there are bags of cement in my bedroom. There’s no getting around it – house renovations are seriously stressful, not least when it’s the kitchen that’s being worked on.

Ever since the oven was ripped out, all I’ve wanted to do was bake. And having not cared that much before, I’m now obsessed with having endless drawers and storage space and kitchen appliances aplenty.

However things aren’t all that bad. Washing up in the bathtub is tedious but at least there’s hot water. And my real secret weapon? It’s from the godsend that is IKEA, and it’s small enough to fit on the kitchen table. The Tillreda (don’t you just love their Swedish names) portable induction hob has really kept us sane, or at least well fed. At £35, we probably made our money back immediately in the take-aways we didn’t need buy because of this thing.

Breakfast porridge? Easy. Bowl of soup at lunchtime – done in five minutes. Dinner time – the options are endless. Although yes, I do miss roasting vegetables in the oven, or slow cooking lamb on a Sunday, it’s amazing what you can do with one pan. From a simple pesto pasta with tomatoes thrown in, to salmon and samphire, we’ve been exploring all possibilities. Chilli con carne, curries and stirfrys all work – and if you’ve got a steamer too you can kill two birds with one stone.

As a staunch opposer of microwaves, this little device has really saved us. By just a little creativity, and quite a lot of patience, we’ve managed to eat healthily with only the occasional take out or cereal dinner.

Let’s hope the kitchen is ready soon, but in the meantime we’d love to hear your favourite one pot or one pan meals for quick, easy cooking…

About Emily Eaves

Emily is a freelance copywriter and lifestyle blogger. London based yet dreaming of beaches she loves new notebooks, long walks with her dog and breakfast meetings. Emily fully admits to eating out more than she eats in and gets itchy feet when she doesn’t have an upcoming holiday booked.


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