High Intensity Interval Training

by Oct 22, 2014
High intensity interval training

What it is, why it’s so good for toning & fitness, and how to do it.

High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT to gym-bods) is a combination of short bursts of anaerobic exercise at nearly 100% capacity followed by recovery periods at around 50%. It’s a fast, intense way to work out and gets you fitter in less time. 150 seconds of HIIT can burn up to 200 calories, so it’s far more effective than plodding away on a treadmill for an hour.

HIIT requires a level of fitness in place already, so if you’re already doing a couple of sessions of exercise a week you’re ready to transition. If not, build yourself up to it – or you won’t be moving for a week after.

HIIT on the treadmill:
> Warm up at 75% of your normal pace (about 8 kph) for 3 minutes
> Increase by 1 kph after 3 minutes and run for 30 seconds
> Drop the speed back down to 8 kph and take 30 seconds rest
> Increase again by another 1 kph and repeat the cycle
> Keep increasing until you can’t complete a 30 second sprint (for > someone with moderate fitness I’d put this around 16-20 kph)
> Repeat if this round didn’t break you

HIIT on the bike:
> Cycle at low resistance for 3 minutes, keeping your rpm at 70-80
> At 3 minutes increase the rph to 90, and every 30 seconds increase the resistance by 1 making sure the rph doesn’t drop under 90
> Keep increasing until you can’t keep above 90 rph anymore!

Good luck.


Words by – Jo Delaney

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