Four Seasons and Four Sizes

by Jan 5, 2014

Four Seasons

I love this ‘banned’ ad for Aussie condom brand ‘Four Seasons’. The firm teamed up with comedian Gary Eck to produce a series of commercials featuring the escapades of “Raquel and Tyson”, with the hope of normalising condom use within the youth population of Australia.

The idea behind the ad was to make buying condoms as normal as buying a pair of shoes; rather than something that’s so embarrassing it should be avoided. The product, Naked Condoms, come in four sizes, so of course during the course of the ad the protagonists had to try all sizes to make sure they get the right fit.

Four Seasons

CAD, the Australian governing body which classifies ads for TV broadcast, knocked the advert back when they asked for the removal of all sexual references. Naturally, since then it’s become a press and YouTube hit.

I’ll let you into a little secret; the ad was never intended to be put on TV. In being ‘banned’, it’s managed to achieve a level of notoriety, making it a viral marketing success and boosting its appeal within the target market.

The firm has a digitally-focused content marketing strategy, and the infamous ad fits into this perfectly. Naughty.

Words by – GS, Ruth Hatch

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