God Made A Farmer

by Oct 19, 2013

Before humans had iPads and apps, iClouds to store pictures, social media to share pictures, computers (or even pens) to write things, and video cameras to capture moments, all they had was The Story.

Our cave-dwelling ancestors used stories to communicate with each other, and these stories would transcend generations. The power of storytelling is still as strong now, even in our changed world, it’s just the media we can use to tell stories that has shifted. Brands that are savvy to the fact that storytelling is a compelling and emotive method of communicating their message are generating the most effective ads: those which elicit a strong and long-lasting response.

One of the best examples of powerful storytelling came, somewhat surprisingly, from an American truck brand. Ram Trucks’ ‘God Made a Farmer’ ad, which aired during the 2013 Superbowl, is one of the most memorable ads ever.

View the ad for yourself here

A stirring tribute to the hard work and endurance displayed by farmers, the spot is filled by a simple slideshow of beautiful images as radio host Paul Harvey delivers his famous 1978 speech.   Simple, uncluttered, not reliant on advanced technology, the purity of the story is mesmerising. It also has next-to-nothing to do with the truck, although you can see how the brand are trying to position themselves.

There’s a story in every brand, it just needs some coaxing to bring it out and show it off.

Words by Jo Birch

[Images courtesy of YouTube]

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