Powerade Tell Nicos Story

by May 6, 2014
Nico's Story

Storytelling at it’s finest: the incredible life of Nico, brought to us by Powerade (and Nico’s awesome mum and dad).

I know I keep bloody going on about it, but telling stories really is the best way to get people to stop and listen to what you’re saying. Having harped on about the subject enough, even I was surprised by the skill at which Powerade used this tactic in their latest ad.

The story of Nico is amazing enough: boy born with a life-changing disability who beat adversity with strength and determinism. It’s the way in which the story is told, mind you, that’s the most impactful. Home footage from his amazingly supportive parents show the battle Nico has been through in his life, and suddenly you realise this isn’t purely marketing illusion but in fact a tumultuous story founded in some deep-rooted truths.

Powerade, unlike other brands, don’t try to overrule the story. They let it play out then add their association at the end with the line: ‘There’s power in every game’. Simple, clean, crisp.

How on earth they came across Nico’s story I’ll never know, but I’m damn glad they did.

Watch the ad here.

Words by – Jo Birch

[Images courtesy of Youtube]

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