Nosh Healthy Kitchen: Nationwide Meal Pack Deliveries Straight To Your Door

by Aug 10, 2017

Do you sit at your office desk and crave a healthy meal instead of that tasteless sandwich you are clinging onto? Have you just got home from work and can’t be bothered to cook, but don’t want to order a takeaway… again? Do you find it hard to fit in time to cook a healthy meal but don’t want to eat junk food? We have the answer to your prayers as Nosh goes travelling with healthy food delivered straight to your door. Sounds too good to be true right? But it’s not. Find out about the launch of the new meal pack deliveries here.

Regular TWOP readers will know that I’m not the only talented member of our family (modest? Me? Nah!!) My dad, brother and mum are partners in an award winning (and expanding) healthy eating empire called Nosh Healthy Kitchen. Their first shop opened in Middlesbrough in March 2015 and they have already expanded to Stockton and Durham. You can read about Nosh and their Durham branch here.

The aim of Nosh Healthy Kitchen is to improve the way people eat, and the way they think about food. It also aims to prove that whilst healthy food is nutritious, it doesn’t have to be boring, expensive nor tasteless. In fact, Nosh food is absolutely delicious whilst still being good for you. You only have to try the famous Skinny Parmo (oven baked chicken, low fat cheese and a scrummy béchamel sauce) or the Peanut Brittle Cheesecake (low in fat and with reduced sugar) to know it’s a winner.

In 2016 Nosh further expanded by introducing Reheatable Meal Packs – 10 full meals could be selected, collected from any Nosh shop and taken home to be eaten throughout the week. The dishes could be kept in the fridge and reheated, or even frozen and cooked straight from the freezer. The Nosh Meal Packs have been a huge hit with customers;

Laura – “Absolutely loving our meal pack so far – every meal has been delicious”

Claire -” Ordered the meal pack. Well worth the money. Had 3 meals so far and all delicious. Will def be ordering again”

So, Nosh has successfully brought healthy food to the people in the North-East, but what about everyone else in the UK? A frequent comment on the Nosh Facebook pages is “It’s a shame you don’t deliver” or “I live down south, when will you launch a shop down here”.

Well, the next phase of Nosh world domination starts today with Nosh National Meal Pack Delivery. Yes, RIGHT NOW, no matter where you are in the mainland UK you can have delicious food delivered to your door. All of the information you need to do this is on the new updated Nosh National Meal Pack website here. You can also follow the Nosh Facebook page for more information and competitions.

News of this chance to eat NOSH food wherever you are has already been very well received;

Tom – “Oh my god, saffron chicken to my door”

Brian – “This is fantastic news. Nosh food is amazing”

So, do you love tasty healthy food?
Do you have a food intolerance?
Are you vegetarian? Or a vegan?
Are you looking for quick healthy meals?
Do you want to know the Macros in your food?

Well, the new Nosh Meal Packs will offer;

  • Vegan dedicated meal packs
  • Macro breakdowns for each dish
  • Longer lasting food – up to 7 days in the fridge or at 4 months in the freezer!
  • Set meal packs for specific training goals 
  • A meal pack grill section
  • Lots of different salad options 
  • Individual mains or sides
  • Individual protein desserts, snack & dips
  • Discounts for larger meal pack bundles
  • Choice of delivery date and up to date delivery info 

So, you too can become part of the Nosh family.  And, with a fantastic HUGE PROMO offer for the first people to order, what are you waiting for?

For more information visit the Nosh Facebook page here or order your meal pack today through the Nosh website today.


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