Bare Bones: A Chocolate For Design Lovers

by Mar 29, 2019

Branding, eco friendly packaging and CHOCOLATE. Here’s the chocolate bar made for design addicts (and general chocoholics) everywhere.

Being a designer there are a few things I live and breathe – typography, branding design, packaging, and… chocolate! So when I received a product that combines my great loves, this got me rather excited. Here I bring you Bare Bones Chocolate.

Scottish chocolatiers Bare Bones Chocolate are a new small batch bean-to-bar chocolate company based in Glasgow. Passionate about creating an exquisite product in both design and taste, this company has it all.

The Chocolate

Bare Bones source their beans from co-operative farms in Madagascar and Honduras. Once the beans arrive, they sort the good beans from the bad and roast them (the good ones that is!) Roasting is a delicate and precise process which brings out the unique flavour profile in each bean – this can be anything from fruity berries, vanilla tones, deep velvety caramel or a sharp citrus tang. After roasting, the beans go through a few processes until they are ready to grind, which can take up to 72 hours, making a silky liquid chocolate.

As the company explains “Much like a fine wine or cheese, chocolate is aged to allow the flavours to develop. Patience is a virtue in this business. We temper – to stabilise the chocolate and give it that perfect snap – and mould it ready for wrapping and sending out to the world.”

And my oh my, are they right… if a little patience is what it takes to create this delicious product then it’s worth the wait!

Brand & Packaging

It’s clear a lot of love goes into the beautiful boxes with each process of creating the perfect bar done by hand. Packages are hand folded, the logo is stamped, sweet little stickers are carefully stuck onto the inside and outside of the package and the product itself wrapped up like a little present. Lots of time, attention to detail and care go into each and every bar. What’s more, all the wrappers are plant-based and fully compostable, which, with pollution and plastic a huge issue in today’s economy, appeals on another level too. “We care about the planet we live on and try to do our bit as small business owners. Working with some amazing papermakers and printers we’ve created mindful packaging from recycled sources that can then be recycled again, that we hope Mother Nature would be proud of. In the UK, we use 7 million paper cups per day – yet less than 1 in 400 of those cups are recycled. We’ve created our chocolate boxes using recycled cups so that they not only look good but do good too. Inside our boxes, you’ll find a beautiful plant-based wrapper from Vegware.”

The look and feel for the company has been created by founder Lara Messer, who has a background in food photography working with the likes of acclaimed supper club chef Rachel Koo, before creating Bare Bones Chocolate. This creative flare shines through not only in the packaging itself, but with the whole brand from website to print and Instagram content, which has all been considered with a beautifully consistent thread pulling everything together. Lara’s business partner (and boyfriend), Cameron Dixon, is a mechanical engineer working on the logistical, process and management side to the company. In Lara’s words “ We have the perfect blend of maths and science vs chef and designer!”.

I thoroughly enjoyed this chocolate (as did my husband who ate quite a lot of a bar before I could complain… umm!!) and everything involved in it. With a new salt chocolate flavour coming soon I’ll be first in line (or should I say on the site) for more deliciousness delivered to my door soon.

“Beautiful chocolate. Good values. No additives. No emulsifiers. Just the Bare Bones.”

Highly recommended devouring a bar today. Visit to buy your bar(s) now.


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