Skinny Tipple Recipes

by Jan 9, 2014

Forget ‘Banuary’ or ‘Refrainfromnaughtythingsuary’ and instead choose from the below alcoholic beverage menu to help you (roughly) stick to your detox plan.

Each one of these tipples has fewer calories than a bag of salt and vinegar crisps, so tuck in (responsibly, of course)…

Vodka, Soda & Fresh Lime


A tall glass with plenty of ice, some good chilled vodka (if you’re feeling flush try Belvedere or Grey Goose), soda and at least three squeezes of fresh lime makes for a refreshing and not-too-bad for you bevvy.

Single – 76
Double – 131

Gin & Slim

Try Sipsmith Gin for great purity (read about them here), add a slimline tonic and plenty of fresh lime. Simple.

Single – 56
Double – 112



Mint leaves muddled with plenty of fresh lime, a double shot of golden rum (try Havana Especial 7), a splash of sugar syrup and a soda top give this long cocktail no more than 200 calories – not bad if you fancy something a bit more exciting than a spirit mixer.

Ginger and Vanilla Fizz


A simple cocktail that tastes delicious: mix a double shot of vanilla vodka (try Stolichnaya or Absolut) with a diet ginger ale and you’ve got yourself a short and sweet low-cal drink (under 200 calories).



This is my favourite cocktail of all time and absolutely must be poured straight into a chilled martini glass. It only contains three ingredients which helps limit the calorie intake to around 180!

Shake 2 shots of Tequila, 1 shot of Cointreau and a handful of squeezed fresh limes in a mixer with ice. Strain into a glass with a salt rim (to do this, run a lime segment around the rim to make it a little sticky, then roll the glass in a saucer of salt) and drink slow and steady.

Gin Martini


Cut out sugar and syrup and fizzy pop and just go straight for the gin. Shake some vermouth and ice together (remove the vermouth for a dry martini: my recommendation) then add in three shots of good quality gin and finish with either a twist of lemon for something clean and crisp or some olives (and their juice) for a dirty martini. This cocktail is about 200 calories and packs a big enough punch that you don’t need to drink too many!



THANK THE GODS! A 125ml glass of champers has just under 100 calories, so if you sip it slowly then the bubbles will be easy on the love handles.

Words by Jo Birch

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