Could You Simplify Your Wardrobe For One Week?

by Apr 28, 2015

Following the news of Matilda Kahl, the Saatchi Art Director wearing the same outfit for three years, Firuze asks “could simplify your wardrobe for a week?”

“I dunno what to wear.”

I say this in front of my wardrobe with all of my drawers open and clothes everywhere, sometimes even with the washing basket open, deciding whether it’s worth fishing out my favourite trousers. I say it in my head every day, other days it comes out as a whine, other times a tantrum.

I’ve followed the rules of a Stylist magazine article on capsule wardrobes and carefully selecting my purchases, but found that it would become boring and tiresome to wear the same colours and the same clothes every week.

Then I recently found this article on Matilda Kahl, art director at Saatchi & Saatchi and her single work outfit. After a difficult morning of trying to decide what to wear (and regretting it as soon as she got on the Tube) she came into the office to find that her male colleagues (wearing the same suit outfit they always wear) had already settled in with the new client and she was still flustered. In one day she bought 15 white shirts and a few pairs of black trousers, with a leather rosette and jacket for the winter, and has worn the same outfit every day.

How boring, I thought. How dull, how uninspiring, how… organised…efficient…genius. I immediately thought of my mornings as a schoolgirl having to wear uniforms, and having a slightly longer lie in or time to watch cartoons because I didn’t have to figure out what to wear.

I tried this out last week, and below are the five outfits I wore to work. Light top, dark trousers.

Simplify your wardrobe 3

I stuck to this rule throughout the week and while I’d worn these outfits before, the rule meant that I spent much less time deciding what to wear. I did manage to style it up with yellow shoes, large necklaces and a few colourful jackets on the colder days, but overall having a single rule meant the base outfit was sorted. I realised the rule could be anything; all black, a bright colour and black or something patterned with something plain.

While I don’t think I could wear the exact same outfit every day, Kahl’s decision to tone down her wardrobe is a mantra to live by – at least for weekdays at work.


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