TWOP Tips: Cutting Through The Noise When Planning Your Wedding

by Sep 12, 2017

The world of weddings is popular, cluttered and sometimes very overwhelming. From magazines to blogs, websites to forums, Instagram accounts to tv programmes… there are so many different ways to gain inspiration, but at what point do too many ideas become too much? Here we talk about how to cut through the noise, allowing you to define your style in a more streamlined way.

Weddings. I’ve been to many, I’ve helped plan many and now it’s my turn to organise our special day. Despite being a year away from our ceremony there are a few things I have learnt on the run up to the big event. Here are a few tips on how to clear your mind and stay on track while organising the big event.

Choose a style and stick to it – be decisive

As a graphic designer it’s actually massively overwhelming heading into wedding territory. Apart from the heightened pressure of expectations (as in a sense this is somewhat my field of expertise), I find myself being overly critical, especially when it comes to wedding stationery. I have a constant battle in my brain over the need to make everything pretty (not just the wedding, in everything I do) and the more creativity I consume the harder my head hurts. To tackle this issue I have learnt the key – and this is to be decisive. Spend your time establishing a style early on and stick to it. Once you have found your style don’t waste time oodling over invites on Instagram or scrolling through blogs wishing you had done this or that. Find something that represents you as a couple, roll with it and don’t look back.

Try not to rely on Pinterest

Instinctively after getting engaged the immediate reaction is to go onto Pinterest and start creating wedding boards. Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration, and I too fell into the trap of Pinterest addiction, but personally I have found it a little frustrating. Although I have found loads, and I mean LOADS, of great stuff on Pinterest my main issue is that I can’t buy any of it! Wedding dresses, wonderful, totally fell in love with styles and designers, but when researching where these dresses can be bought I found that they were either out of season or unavailable in the UK, which is rather annoying. This was also the case when it came to bridesmaid dresses. Reception table ideas, great stuff… yet I now have ideas cemented into my head and I can’t get hold of the accessories I need to recreate the desired look. Although it’s a great starting point, be careful that you don’t fall well and truly for a style that may be unattainable.

My advice is to spend less time pondering over idyllic weddings on Pinterest and more time on blogs with real weddings and links to products and clothing you can actually buy. In saying this DO use Pinterest for DIY ideas, to establish a colour palette and get inspiration for wedding stationery.

Use ASOS for your bridesmaids

Believe it or not ASOS have a bloody great line of bridesmaid dresses and they are pretty affordable too! Although in saying that they do sell out quickly so you need to keep your eye on the prize. Once you have found dresses you like the look of order them and order a few sizes. The one great thing about ASOS is that you can send stuff back so easily if it doesn’t fit, or you don’t like the style. It’s convenient and has lots of choice for all different shapes and sizes.

Don’t be bombarded by visions of unattainable weddings

When planning your day it’s really important to remember it should represent you as a couple. It’s not about the current wedding trend, how your sister’s best friend did hers or how Instagrammable it can be… it should be about celebrating you and your partner’s day. Naturally, pretty much everything has been done by someone somewhere. Regardless of this, it’s important to add in the details that are personal to you and stay true to your personalities. Try not to copy what others have done before you just because that’s what we’ve been told a wedding should look like. Break the rules and do things a little differently if that plays true to you as a couple. Don’t be afraid to be individual.


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