Q and A with Founder of HUX: Damien Byrne

by Dec 11, 2022

What do you love most about the brand you’ve created? 

The HUX team that has joined us; it is just packaging without them to infuse the character and life. Regarding the actual product, we are tackling four of the biggest problems people have regarding their daily health

Seeing the emotion within customer reviews of the impact our product is having on people is truly incredible. 

Have you always wanted to work in this industry?

I fell into this industry as an 18 year old filling bread shelves early each morning before University, and have never left. 

I’ve been happily caught in the web consumer packaged goods ever since. A long sojourn from what I thought at one point I would be doing.

What are you most proud of? 

The quality of people in our orbit that want to lend a hand – whether that is suggestions, spruiking the product to their friends, making an intro, rolling up their sleeves and helping on the tools. It is a great feeling. 

What advice would you give to someone keen to start a business but unsure where to begin?

Just start. Action creates information. The most helpful advice I have had has been from companies about 12 months ahead of where we are. They tend to have the most recent experience that can help you identify the twigs to be aware of so you don’t trip over. I mean, you still will, but at minimum they will hopefully be different twigs..  

Who is one of your biggest inspirations – either professionally or personally?

This has always been close to home for me – my parents. They provided my sisters and I with an example of love, work ethic, values and generosity of spirit that, frankly, has been hard to emulate…. 🙂 but such a special and lucky thing to have within our lives. 

If you could attribute your success to anyone who gave you your big break?

Very early on, a person called Lee Coomber entrusted a large role to me. On paper he shouldn’t have. It was that confidence and trust, combined with subsequent supportive, but challenging line management and leadership that was a slingshot for me in so many ways. 

What’s the hardest thing about your job?

The tradeoffs. Time and resources are finite. Choosing what bets to make and which ones to pass on is the hardest part. Also in many ways the most fun though, too. 

Which part of your job do you most enjoy?

The freedom to chat and learn from such a wide variety of people. Always searching for ways we can cultivate a lightning strike to help the awareness of our brand. 

Do you find it easy to balance work and play?

l am not sure why they need to be balanced instead of combined.. The best work has a good bit of play involved. I like the concept that everyday you have 100% energy. It isn’t malleable. The facets of your life will get a portion of that. Good to be as choiceful as you can to ensure you don’t unwittingly. 

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