Bibs on at Lazybones

by Apr 7, 2014
Lazybones Interior

If you like your food meaty, supersized, and a little bit naughty, then you’ll very much enjoy Lazybones. 

Dirty food.

If we had just two words to describe Lazybones, these would be they. Of course, we mean dirty in the good sense: filthy, meaty, cheesy, sticky dirty. Hidden just off Cowcross Street in Farringdon, Lazybones is constructed around American food and serves up lots of MEAT in a pared down, candle-lit, blackboard and brick cladded space.

For TWOP, service came in the form of super-energetic, super-helpful Jack, who told us we needed to try a little bit of everything from the entire menu rather than plumping for the four hotdog variations we were no doubt gravitating (salivating) towards. If we tell you that the menu was sculpted around chicken wings, burgers, hotdogs, chilli brisket and pulled pork, you might start to paint a picture in your mind of a table bowing under the weight of food and a gaggle of girls sitting around said table in plastic bibs.

We’d love to tell you that’s not how it looked at all. But we’d be lying, that’s exactly how it looked.

Lazybones Food Lazybones Kitchen Lazybones Bar

Devouring the menu within 10 minutes (bibs bring out the feral in us), we had a chance to soak up the atmosphere before pudding arrived. This was 9pm on a Thursday night in Central London, which would suggest full tables and a buzzing bar. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, surely a byproduct of being off the beaten track. With just a few tables occupied, Lazybones sadly lacked the longed-for din of other establishments (MEATliquor springs to mind as a comparison).

Good food, great service and easy-on-the-wallet prices make Lazybones a strong option if you’re in that area of town. A sprinkling of hustle and bustle would have been the cheese on top of the chips, but until that arrives, you probably wouldn’t go out of your way to get bibbed-up here.

To view the menu or book a table visit the Lazybones site here.

> Client Friendly:  Not right for talking shop

> Affordability: Budget-happy £

> Nearest station: Farringdon

> Dress code: Any clothes goes

> Best for:  A relaxed night out

Words by Jo Birch

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