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by Aug 27, 2014


Calling all chicken-craving South Londoners. Read what JB has to say about Tooting’s Chicken Shop.

Tooting is up-and-coming. I would say that, because I live there, but apparently it is. Nothing has marked it’s ‘used-to-be-a-bit-rough-but-not-anymore’ status more clearly than the arrival earlier this year of Chicken Shop. No, not Chicken Cottage (Tooting does, however, boast the biggest in the country. It’s quite something), but Chicken Shop: the famous Kentish town rotisserie chicken restaurant. In South London.

Chicken Shop - Tooting 3

Chicken Shop - Tooting 5

Don’t go to Chicken Shop unless you want chicken. It should be clear but you know what some people are like. This is a place with a very limited menu, and it’s all chicken. But it’s the best bloody chicken you’ll ever eat.

There was a small queue on the Tuesday night we went down – testament to its popularity – but before long we were propping up the bar that surrounds the rotisserie pit (warm indeed) in the small front section. The restaurant proper is through the back, but both areas are dripping with ambience so there’s no need to be fussy about where you sit.

We ordered half a chicken and some chips each, which arrived in minutes. There’s no choice of topping when it’s cooked – but you can then douse it in either smokey sauce or hot sauce at your table. The food is great: filling, tasty, worth every penny (and it’s thankfully not an extortionate amount of pennies you have to pay). The hot sauce isn’t hot enough, mind. Should’ve brought my Nandos hot with me.

Chicken Shop - Tooting

Chicken Shop - Tooting 4

Service was fine – but it’s not really a place where you care about that: it felt more of an eat-and-go vibe (saying that, you could happily grab a window seat and get through a few bottles of wine). Maybe because it was a Tuesday, maybe because it’s a ‘posh Nandos’, who knows? All I do know is that if you live within 3 tube stops of either the Tooting or Kentish town sites, then the next time you crave a well-cooked bird you know where to go.

To view the menu and for more information visit the Chicken Shop website here.

> Client Friendly: Not right for talking shop

> Affordability: A little treat ££

> Nearest station: Tooting Broadway

> Dress code: Any clothes goes

> Best for: Lazy days

Words by Jo Birch

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