Duck & Waffle

by Oct 20, 2013

If you’re scared of heights, look away now. We’re currently hurtling – 40 floors to be exact – through the skies towards the upper echelons of Heron Tower in Bishopsgate – a behemoth of office space, and home to two of the best damn restaurants in town.

Our destination is Duck & Waffle, the highest restaurant in the UK and home to their namesake dish of duck on, er, waffle….. With beautiful surroundings, a well-heeled crowd and, *shouts*, incredible views, Duck & Waffle consists of a bar space and large restaurant area. Encased by glorious walls of glass, entering the bar is like taking a helicopter ride to just outside the upper windows of the Gherkin. It’s right there! It’s massive!

After exclaiming wondrously at the proximity of the most famous building in London* (*arguably), grab yourself a cocktail at the central bar and move through into the restaurant where even more glass gives diners almost panoramic views of the city. We’ll meet you there.

We dined on a delicious menu of dishes designed for sampling and sharing. So delicious, we haven’t been able to stop alliterating our sentences since. In their words, the menu offers playful takes on traditional cuisine. So playful, in fact, that one reviewer found herself faced with a fusion dish of beetroot, goat curd and a Crunchie bar. Oh, it wasn’t a Crunchie? Ok, honeycomb – just as weird. Crunchie bar aside, the dishes came fast and good god they were good. Delicious breads, salmon, bacon wrapped dates, wild Cornish pollock meatballs, scallops, and of course the most famous of their dishes. Essentially this consists of a crispy leg of duck confit, served on a waffle, with a fried duck egg on top and a jar of mustard maple syrup to add as you please. A strange concept, but one that gets the people going, and surprisingly (or maybe not to some) pretty tasty. To top it all off, and to push ourselves even further over the culinary edge, we shared dessert – a dark chocolate brownie sundae that was as glorious as it was diabetically challenging.

All in all, with views as fabulous as the food, Duck & Waffle is truly an experience to savour. Whether you’re in for cocktails or fancy sampling their most famous dish (or a posh Crunchie for that matter), there’s a bit of something for everyone. Take your friends, your boyfriend or your client for the ultimate in wow. You won’t be disappointed.

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