Review: Electric Diner

by Jan 25, 2014

Electric Diner - outside

Notting Hill is a beautiful place. And within this beautiful place you will find Electric Diner: another beautiful place.

And within this other beautiful place you will find beautiful people munching on beautiful onion-laden hotdogs (NB: other dishes are available).

The (oh-so-beautiful) Diner can be found down a bustling west London street flanked by white palatial town-houses, adjacent to the boutique ‘Electric Cinema’ and underneath the private member’s club ‘Electric House’, and if you can’t tell from our above gushings, it’s wonderful.

Electric Diner 2

Electric Diner 1

TWOP trotted down to The Diner on a very important day: Nat’s birthday, and therefore we were expecting big things. And we got them. Big smiles from the front-of-house staff as they led us to our big booth where we popped a big (ok ok, normal sized) bottle of fizz and settled down to enjoy the rest of the evening.

If there’s one thing we look for in an evening eatery, it’s ambience. The Diner had this in spades, low-hanging metal lights and mellow chatter from Notting Hill’s coolest cats gave way to a sultry, relaxed vibe.

Service was perfect: cool and calm. The food was hearty and supersized in true American style (don’t go to Bubbledogs for a hotdog – come here!), and although the bill certainly wasn’t skinny (mostly because the wine list only has one bottle of blanc under £20), we couldn’t really complain.

We can’t recommend it higher, but just be aware that the booths mean  you can’t really go in parties bigger than 6, which means The Diner is now limited to our ‘chilled dinner’ or ‘intimate-but-not-overly-romantical-date’ favourite haunt. Beautiful.

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> Client Friendly: Fine for wining & dining

> Affordability: Budget-happy £

> Nearest station: Notting Hill Gate or Ladbroke Grove

> Dress code: Any clothes goes

> Best for:  Schmooching

Words by – Jo Birch

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