Obika, Poland Street

by Feb 25, 2014

Us TWOP girls love cheese, so we went to see what ‘Mozzarella Bar’ Obika had to offer. Great food, great service, but read why we’re not in a rush to go back…

Like any carbon-based human beings, us TWOP girls love a bit of cheese (a straw poll of 5 revealed Brie is the front-runner), and so when RS and I got the invite to Mozzarella Bar ‘Obika’ (who knew such a thing existed?!), we were chomping at the cheese wheel to get there. The food more than sated our desires and came with impeccable service, so it was a challenge for us to work out why we left feeling a little ‘meh’…

We were greeted and seated by a charming Italian waiter who explained the concept of a mozzarella bar (it turns out you don’t do shots of cheese as first hoped thought), instead: Obika serve three types of buffalo mozzarella – Classic, Smoked and Creamy. You pick your weapon and then team it with antipasti sides, or, if you’re like us you’ll choose the Classic and Smoked and whack them in the middle of a massive sharing platter with a side of rosemary focaccia (be still, my beating salivary glands) thrown in for good measure.



Washed down with a cracking glass of Pinot, the food was a hit. You could imagine it coming into its own during the summer when people want a light bite – not least because we were sitting next to huge windows looking out into the street which (if they open) would be a massive draw.


It was when pudding came (more cream, *slow clap JB, that was not what you needed*) that our attention turned to our surroundings. This particular Obika sat on a corner along Poland Street: a soho strip dominated by quirky and unusual bars. Which made Obika stand out like a sore thumb – because whatever the eatery is trying to achieve, ‘quirky’ and ‘character full’ it is not. Fairly staid branding and interiors resulted in a lack of personality: you could have been in any Italian chain (even this uninspiring perception was in jeopardy when the bouts of French plinky plonky music began). There was nothing ownable in it’s appearance, none of the Little Things which you remember and tell your friends about after, and very little atmosphere.

Which is a real shame, because everything else was brilliant.

For more details visit Obika’s website here.

> Client Friendly: Fine for wining & dining

> Affordability: A little treat ££

> Nearest station: Leicester Square

> Dress code: Any clothes goes

> Best for:  Lazy days

Words by – Jo Birch

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