by Nov 17, 2013

Abandoman rap group comedy rob broderick

If, like me, you’ve ever tried to rap and done it so unsuccessfully that you actually thought you might be dumped on the spot (by your partner/family/friends/budgerigar) then you’re going to WEEP with envy at the talent of Rob Broderick and his merry men, aka Abandoman.

It was sheer fortuitous luck that found me ten metres from this trio holding up the strangest object I could dig out of my bag (a box of risotto rice, just so you know) alongside 50 others in a small, sticky room in Kensal Rise.

We were playing a game, you see. A game aptly named: ‘What’s in your bag?’.

Abandoman, having never met any of us before, nor having purposefully snuck objects such as balls of wool or giraffe-shaped stuffed toys in our bags, proceeded to rap about the contents of said bags. A rap they can’t possibly have prepared in advance without breaking some fundamental laws regarding the linearity of time.

Not only were they able to rhyme ‘giraffe’ with ‘plaster’ and other such un-rhyming words but they were also able to form complete and coherent sentences while doing so. A rare form of genius, requiring both sides (and the top and the bottom) of the brain.

Rob and his sidekicks formed a formidable troupe: no subject seemed too challenging. Even when he singled me out in the crowd and asked what I advertised, ‘paint’ being my response (working on Dulux at the time), he was able to compile 4 minutes of pure wall-coating-based lyrics and woo me with them.

Rob’s lilting Irish accent lent itself well to toying with the crowd: an easy smile and comedic snippets really getting the people going.

Any man who can rap so effortlessly about the contents of a Burrito is a hero in my books.

Find upcoming gigs here – DO IT!

Words by Jo Birch

[Images courtesy of Abandoman]
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