Love Letter To London

by Jan 2, 2017

As we start the new year Nat gives us an insight into why she’s so fond of London in her love letter to the city below.

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life
– Samuel Johnson

Dear London,

I often get asked why I stand by you. How did I end up living with you? Why do I remain loyal to you even when you’re expensive, overcrowded and tiring. At times I may have been promiscuous, visiting cities like New York, Rome and Copenhagen, but I promise it’s you I’ll always come home to. The truth is I like you.

I grew up in the north in a small town, gradually working my way down to you as I carried on my education and pursued a career in design. To many you are scary, testing and sometimes even upsetting, but to me you are an exciting hub, bursting at the seams with opportunity and excitement. You may be a city full of contradictions – happy yet sad, modern but steeped in history, busy but calming, safe yet dangerous. But in a weird way all of this somewhat adds to your character. Although some say you are lonely, I’ve always felt welcome.

We have been together nearly 10 years, and you have offered me a lot. A world rich in culture, arts, experience and knowledge. Weekends that can be so different from the last, with the ability to travel into different spaces easily while absorbing multi-cultural lifestyles. The potential to bounce around the design industry and find my feet in a career. Multiple opportunities to be involved in something different, be part of something worthwhile that’s bigger than myself. A social life with so much choice that it’s sometimes overwhelming. Introductions to people I will hold close for the rest of time and, maybe most importantly, a home. A home that I share with my soul mate Tom, where I feel fulfilled and happy to plant roots while moving on with the next chapters of my life. For all this I am eternally grateful.

As we wave goodbye to a period of uncertain times with Brexit, Trump and terror, I’ll stay with you in the hope that a new year will bring change for the better. You are at the heart of the storm, the midst of the action and the place that thrills me the most. I realise you aren’t for everyone… but I’m sticking with you. 

Here’s to our future, 2017 and what the next 10 years may hold.

Yours sincerely,

love letter to london 2


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About Natalie Jahangiry

Natalie is half Persian with a Geordie accent. Although small in stature, she makes up for it with a big personality! As a Graphic Designer you will often find Natalie gushing about her passion for all things creative and sharing her ideas with everyone and anyone who will listen. If she’s not decorating her house you will find her cooking up recipes from her foodie family or propped up in a cocktail bar in town.