Red Bull: Revolutions in Sound

by Nov 21, 2013

View of the wheel at Redbull revolutions in sound

Have you ever been clubbing on or under the London Eye? A week ago today we had gals on the ground and in the air for the maiden voyage of the Red Bull Revolutions in Sound event.

The evening saw 30 of the country’s ‘most legendary clubs’ come alive in the heart of London. These lucky revellers, with dextrous thumbs who were able to snap up tickets faster than the speed of light, found themselves bopping about in pods to sets from Lily Allen, Haçienda, Fabric, Boiler Room, Katy B, Fabio, WHP, Sasha and more.

Meanwhile, on the ground, 2000 clubbers braved the cold to strap on a pair of headphones and rave in silent lunacy to two additional live DJs. All of which was lapped up by Channel 4 and could be viewed online via a live feed hosted by Annie Mac.

The view from above – Nat

View from inside the Rage pod

As we boarded our blue lit capsule to the roar of our DJs, our hosts and a makeshift bar stacked with vodka and Red Bull, we knew we were set for a good night. We were in the Rage pod and our DJs: Fabio and Grooverider, paired up with DJ Trevor Fung and Derrick May to provide the evening’s entertainment.

Hyping up the small crowd wasn’t hard and after 5 minutes fellow poddies were two-stepping on the central table. Lo’ and behold, after consuming some beverages we found ourselves joining them, my Mother texting to remind me she was watching online (not that this made a difference).

Our second time around (after declining the option to jump off and use the toilet after rotation 1 – peeing is for the weak), we engaged in a friendly battle with other pods while refilling our cups and throwing in some more shapes for all to see.

The rave came to an end and we finally disembarked in a cloud of giddiness. We left buzzing (literally) from a mixture of Red Bull and adrenaline, brimming with tales of our incredible experience.

The view from below – Jo

View from the ground at Redbull revolutions in sound

My thumbs are quick, but not that quick, so I found myself preparing to don headphones and dance like a loon under The Eye. Temporarily cringing at the idea of a silent disco, I soon got into it and edged my way to the front of the crowd.

Red or Blue were the options (in true Matrix style) and our headphones lit up in the colour of our chosen DJ. This meant you could see who was rocking to Madonna courtesy of Felix Da House Cat, or Cyril Hahn remixes thanks to The Two Bears. The eclectic music mix, utterly bizarre environment (we were dancing round trees) and general Funtime Franky vibe made for such a good night that my feet were killing…by 9.30pm…when it stopped.

Although the event offered just a short burst of aural joy and no more than 4 bar staff for 2000 people, it was worth every penny (500 of them to be precise) and definitely something worth repeating. Next time: a pod.

Words by Jo Birch & Natalie Jahangiry

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