The Dead Dolls Club

by Dec 3, 2013

Dead Dolls

As far as private member clubs go, the brains behind the Dead Dolls Club purposefully set out to buck the normal trend. Their mission: “To create somewhere in Hoxton that isn’t full of wankers”. Hear hear!

Owners (and couple) Kate and Adam have a passion for finding derelict buildings and turning them into something rather special, injecting their own creativity in the process. Illustrator Kate personally takes to the walls and covers them with quirky drawings of all the things you’d expect to find in a dolls house: antique mirrors, picture frames, lamps and so on. Day-to-day, Dead Dolls Club is a cocktail bar and supper club. They have different chefs on a weekly basis and as you sit at a communal table you are encouraged to merrily feast until both your heart and your stomach are content.

Dead Dolls

DeadDolls_4 Dead Dolls Dead Dolls

Every now and again, when Kate and Adam feel their members have been extra specially good, they throw incredible parties. We were lucky enough to receive an invitation  to one such party: the November installment of their renowned masked balls. Completely thrilled we spent days looking for the perfect masks, and when the time came we got our glad rags on and took our feathers, sequins and eyelashes down to Hoxton Square.

If we didn’t already know about it there would be no way we would ever have found it – if that makes sense. Tucked down the quiet side of Hoxton square in a narrow slot between two buildings we spotted the number 35. Entering through the big wooden door we were transported to the 1920s Great Gatsby style party and instantly knew we were in for an incredible night! Beautiful men in tuxedos accompanied beautiful ladies in full length beaded dresses, all drinking beautiful cocktails in a beautiful room (did we mention it was beautiful). Like little Alices in our very own Wonderlands we spent the first hour exploring all the different rooms (there’s quite a few): up and down crooked stairs, ducking under low ceilings and slipping through narrow doorways until we found ourselves being wooed in the ballroom by an incredible jazz band who go by the name of Gabby Young & Other Animals.

Dead Dolls

Dead Dolls

Dead Dolls Dead Dolls

In summary: the whole night was deliciously brilliant from top to bottom.

Intrigued and want to find out how to become a member? Here’s a hint: it’s not money you need, it’s good manners.

We don’t want to give away too much of the secret just yet, but if you desperately want to know more then drop us an email at and we may give you clues (if you’re lucky).

Unfortunately all tickets for this weekend’s December ball have sold out (yes it is that good), but keep an eye out for other events via their website here. Alternatively you can follow the musings of the Dead Dolls Club on Facebook or Twitter.

Words by – VT

[Images courtesy of Dead Dolls Club & Rotten Tropics]

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