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by Jan 7, 2014
12hrs of travel

Having a holiday booked always gets the year off to a great start. But with city breaks there’s always that age-old problem; too many places you want to go, not enough holiday allowance to use up, and a disproportionate amount of time spent researching what to do and see while you’re there.

Surely there’s a guide to seeing the best that a city has to offer without using up precious relaxation time?

The answer, thankfully, is yes. The 12hrs Project sees copywriter Anna Peuckert join forces with photographer Soren Jepsen to travel the cities of the world in search of cool activities and venues. What makes this site different to other travel guides is that it not only gives you a plethora of tips and ideas that lie “somewhere between the backpackers’ hostels and luxury hotels”, but the beautiful visual format site allows you to see exactly what you’re letting yourself in for.

12hrs of travel 12hrs of travel

And here’s the really clever bit: The duo give you just enough location info for a 12 hour stint, keeping the guide short and sweet. This means you get the best things to do, eat, dance, visit and experience in one day. Spanning from breakfast to dinner, you’re given non-touristy itineraries which make it feel like you’ve got a friend in the city who can guide you to the places only locals know about.

12hrs of travel

Although I love all the reviews there are a few that I think stand out. Obviously my bias for London sways me towards my particular fave: 12hrs in East London. Moving further afield, 12hrs in Antwerp is a little different and just as great, with the help of TV host Tiany Kiriloff the team takes us on a tour of this little fashion city which lies in the north of Belgium.

12hrs of travel 12hrs of travel

As well as the main city guides the guys have also recently set up a blog with snippets on other quirky and interesting locations. (The newest edition is a beautiful feature film of Paris in Winter).

12hrs of travel

So do some cheap flight searching now, book your city break and count down the days until you can experience it like a local. To visit the 12Hrs site click here or follow them on Twitter here.

Words by – NJ

[Imagery courtesy of the 12Hrs website]

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