An Aussie festival experience

by Jan 13, 2014

Oz festival day

New Years Day. All those good intentions inevitably result in the standard hungover hello to a fabulous new year. So, rather than the usual “I’m never drinking again!” vow, I thought I’d start 2014 as I mean to go on: saying “YES” more. This resolution found me dragging my hungover self out of bed and rolling down the road to ‘Field Day’: an Aussie day festival.

Mention Field Day to any respectable post-pubescent Sydneysider and they’ll recoil in horror at the thought of going. The idea of excessive temperatures + vast quantities of alcohol + the (validated) myth of teenagers ingesting much more than just alcohol is too much for most.

Undeterred by the naysayers, a group of 15 of us donned our best festival attire and headed down, excited to start the new year with a bang. Field Day is primarily a hip hop and dance festival, with a few big names playing this year (including Wiz Khalifa and Solange) and a plethora of emerging DJ and hiphop talent.

Highlights were definitely London Grammar (incredible voice, check them out here) and Flume, a Sydney based DJ with some incredible mixes perfect for a lazy day on the beach.

Oz festival at night

If nothing else, go for the people watching. The combination of heat and Australian beach fashion makes for some interesting observations to say the least. And least is definitely the key word here! Standard attire for the boys: a baggy Stussy singlet and oversize trucker hat. And for the girls: anything more than a push up bikini top and bum revealing hotpants and you’re definitely overdressed.

Epic, exhausting and euphoric, for me going to Field Day proved it’s better to go as hard as you can on the first day of the year. After all, spending the day dancing and chilling out with friends definitely rings in the New Year in style.

So next year, instead of lying in bed on the 1st plotting your resolutions, get up and out there and say yes to something a bit different. All those good intentions can wait til the 2nd!

Words by – GS, Ruth Hatch

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