Hotpod Yoga – Tried, Tested and Approved

by Aug 6, 2014

HotPod Yoga 3

Followers of London’s ‘hottest’ yoga trend sweat away the stress in an inflatable heated pod.

Hotpod Yoga kindly invited myself and NJ to try out one of their classes. As we all know from a previous post (bikram bunny) – I love yoga and have been trying out all different styles for a few years now. NJ however, hasn’t. Our journey to class was consumed by NJ’s questions of “will I pass out?”, “apparently I need chocolate before I go in, is this true?” (no, no it’s not), and “I’m going to be so rubbish.” She didn’t and she wasn’t.

The style of Hotpod is ‘Vinyasa flow’ and is taught in a 37 degrees celsius inflatable ‘pod’ (think bouncy castle!). The ambience is set with low lighting and chilled R&B. It only takes me a few minutes to adjust to the temperature of the studio and the remainder of the 60-minute class is comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, you do sweat – a lot, but A) thats where you lose the 700 calories so who cares? and B) the heat helps to relax your muscles so you find yourself taking more poses further than you’ve ever taken them before. Which isn’t hard if it’s your first time.

HotPod Yoga 1

HotPod Yoga 2

Max Henderson and Nick Higgins, the directors of Hotpod Yoga, kick-started their business in January 2013 with their pop-up taster sessions held in various London venues — Brixton, Fulham and Notting Hill — inside a blow-up portable pod. As you can imagine, London went crazy for it. They have pods covering London, Birmingham, Swansea, Milton Keynes and Cheshire – not to mention the flexibility of bringing a pod right to your door step (Hotpod Yoga offer a service where they can set up camp at your office – find out more here.

After a fairly challenging class we stayed back to speak to our teacher, Dionna. I really enjoyed her teaching method, she talked through the postures using ‘everyday language’ making it easy to follow (I imagine, like us, the majority of you wouldn’t know what Anjaneyasana was. A low lunge for those interested). Dionna is passionate about yoga and it really comes cross.

I strongly recommend experiencing Hotpod: the class flows and creates energy. Postures and classes flex to fit the day and everyone’s moods: Dionna took a sense of how everyone was feeling before starting the class so she could understand what we were prepared to do and what we lacked energy for – making the class feel like an achievement for all levels.

Find out all here.

Words by – VT

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