Move Your Frame: Box Yourself Fit With London's Latest Craze

by Jun 15, 2017

Nat and Vanessa explore a new boxing craze in London. Here we take on FRAME – Health and Fitness BoxFit class.

Since the angels from Victoria’s Secret declared that their uber-toned bodies were down to high intensity boxing the fitness world went mad. Boxing classes started to pop up all over London so Natalie and I decided it was time to give one a go. After all who doesn’t want to look like a Victoria Secret’s model?!

We took part in the BoxFit at Frame in Shoreditch. If you don’t know much about Frame check out Nat’s previous post here. In short every session is fun, hard work and designed to chew through calories. It helps that all classes come with an absolutely banging soundtrack. You literally feel like you’re in the clurrrrbbb with your besties in lycra.

The session, taken by Kevin Keti is pretty hardcore – there’s no easing yourself in gently. It starts with a punch and ends in a pool of sweat. As the music pumped Kevin would shout out and demonstrate new moves then circulate the class checking form and energy levels. His teaching style is intense, but seems to get the whole class smiling and laughing, with his signature phase “move my bitches” appearing to inspire a whole class of sweaty women to push through the pain and work harder. Whilst the workout is mostly high intensity there are areas of conditioning and toning too. I’m pretty sure I felt the backlog of low squat pulses for about 4 days post class! Top tip: make sure you cool and stretch after the session to avoid days of aching.

So what did the Fitbit say at the end of the 45 minute class? 511 calories burned – not bad for 45 minutes listening to awesome music and throwing a few punches! We will attempt to try BoxFit again in the future.

If you are looking for a diverse workout, which works out every part of your body then definitely checkout this class.

For more information on BoxFit view here.

Class location: Shoreditch (other London studios available)
Class schedule: here


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