Discipline, Not Motivation: Top Tips To Mastering Your Daily Routine

by Jul 22, 2015

Do you find motivational posters and quotes everywhere, but still need motivation? Perhaps it’s discipline you need to master. Firuze discusses: 

Get Motivated. We tend to think that when we’re not doing something or are in a less than cooperative mood it’s because we’re not motivated to do it. If only we had some motivation, we would be able to get a lot more done. Stick to that diet. Finish off that piece of work. Do the washing. Finish off that DIY project that’s left in the corner. But motivation is overrated. It’s fickle, it comes and goes. Think about when you need to get out of bed, but you’re too tired. If you ordered something from ASOS and they ring the bell at 8am on a Saturday, you shoot out of bed to open the door. Then motivation is easy, but it’s not consistent and can’t be relied upon. But Discipline is a way of life. It’s consistent, habitual and, while it requires effort, will have continuous results. Here’s 5 things to encourage discipline:

1. Remove excuses

Excuses are easy, and are the biggest hindrance and the first thing you need to remove. Stop and think about your excuses, and what you would say to yourself if you heard them. Become a problem solver, and stop them from being excuses anymore.

2. Create routines, and know when you can break them

Discipline is all about routine. Keep doing the same thing every day and it becomes automated, like clockwork, and so everything becomes easy. However, to avoid routine becoming boring, know when you can take a break. Little things changing, such as waking up at the same time but having different breakfasts, gets you into habits but also lets you experiment. Remember that you can always give yourself a break with a reward – I’ve woken up at 6am for 5 mornings this week, so as a reward I’ll lie in until 9 on Saturday.

3. Decide what’s worth it

If you’re going to be more disciplined, you’re going to need more energy. Energy you may not have for everything and everyone. Discipline, rather than motivation, also forces you to assess what’s worth your time and energy, and means you make choices based on results. So, be ruthless and learn to prioritise.

4. Raise the stakes – put your money where your mouth is

Did you know that there’s an alarm clock that donates to charity every time you snooze? Incentives are great for motivation, but crucial for discipline. Money has a way of influencing your priorities, and sometimes the knowledge of what the cost is, is enough of a reason to start (or stop). Some people might find paying a monthly subscription for a gym knowing they are wasting money by not going more of an incentive to go than relying on having the motivation to go for a run.

5. Get out of your comfort zone

Before you start reaching into doing things you have always found hard to do, instead stop doing the things that are too easy to do. Stop seeking the warmth, make little changes to your day to push your boundaries, and do them often to make them more habitual. Then you’ll find it easier to push completely out of your comfort zone and discipline yourself to try more things.


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