Start The New Year Right

by Jan 4, 2016

It may be a New Year, but instead of listing ambitious resolutions why not look at areas to focus on and start the year on the right foot. Vanessa outlines what you should be planning this coming year.   

January 1st offered the chance to start fresh and is proven to be the most righteous day of the year. People are feeling determined, energised and eager to start a brand new, fresh year with every intention for it to be the healthiest and most successful one yet.

Normally when you think about New Year’s resolutions you focus on one area of your life, most commonly concentrating on losing weight and whilst this is great it only has one focus… it’s not very rounded. So bearing this in mind, and as we explained in our Realistic New Year’s Resolutions post (read here), we don’t want to make resolutions that are ambitious and don’t pay off. So expanding on our previous post, I’m going to list four areas to focus on and start your year right.

What it means: Eat less processed foods and drink more water.

Most of us eat too many refined carbohydrates, preservatives and additives research shows. Minimising these from your diet will immediately boost your health.

Increasing your water intake will help you physically and emotionally.

Get it right: Calculate how much water you require daily using the formula 0.033 x body weight in kilograms = number of litres. Prepare nutritious meals with grass-fed meat and dairy, organic fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

What it means: Make room for more downtime.

The most important thing to understand is we all run off a system that is powered by what can be likened to rechargeable batteries. Regular quiet time helps us refuel so we can get on with the things we need to do to achieve our goals.

I’m not a morning person but someone once told me, to help get your body into a routine it needs to wake up and go to sleep at the exact same time everyday – including the weekends! Now that didn’t work so well at night but I forced myself to wake up at the same time at the weekend as I did during the week and it worked, I no longer felt like crying everyday at 7am when I had to go to work – I actually felt more rested.

Get it right today: Spend 20 minutes meditating or doing a mindful activity such as yoga, or tai chi. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual for extra total rest and try and wake up at the same time everyday.

What it means: Be more active.

We weren’t built to be stuck behind a desk for eight hours every day. What we want is to get the body moving. If you exercise properly, 30 minutes is more than enough time to sustain optimal health and wellbeing.

Get it right today: Spend 30 to 60 minutes a day exercising, including your warm-up and stretches, and write a plan to keep it in your schedule throughout 2016. Start with a low-intensity program such as walking, yoga or swimming. Build up to higher-intensity workouts that include weight resistance and interval training. The 7 minute workout is brilliant example of how to get started.

What it means: Determine and respect your core values.

Unhappiness is often the result of making decisions that don’t support your core values. When you identify your core values around quiet time, work, health, family and friends, it’s easier to make optimal decisions that will help you find happiness.

Get it right today: Ask what value you place on your health, personal time, work and local community. Use your new awareness to decide what to spend your time and money on. Ask, “Will this move me closer to my overall life goals?” For example, my core values are Family, Friends, Work and Health – my most stress-free days consists of all of these!

Remember to look at back these throughout the day, I sometimes have to remind myself to sit still and be quiet for 30 minutes and to not eat all the chocolate when it’s in front of me!

Happy new year.


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About Vanessa Toby

Vanessa is a keen traveller with no sense of direction. She has an insatiable love of fashion and a spare room full of shoes she has hoarded over the years. If Vanessa isn’t taking over the New Business world at work, you will find her trying out your new favourite exercise class. As a strong believer in the importance of a healthy work-life balance you will find her documenting mind and body advice and top tips.