Client Service Excellence and Brand You

by Feb 24, 2014
Brand you

After attending a fantastic talk by Chris Savage, COO of STW group, Ruth talks about her passion for client service and what it means to provide ‘Client Service Excellence’.

This week I attended a workshop hosted by Chris Savage, COO of STW group, the largest and most profitable holding company in Australasia. The hot topic was ‘Providing Client Service Excellence’, and Chris talked us through the myriad of aspects in people management that made me remember why I was interested in client service in the first place. The strongest take away of Chris’s session for me was the notion of ‘Brand You’.

‘Brand You’ is the notion of remaining focused on your own objectives and being the best you can possibly be in order to project an impression of excellence which others, including clients, will find irresistible. Chris talked about the importance of frequently taking stock of ‘Brand You’; evaluating your strengths/weaknesses, your likes/dislikes – allowing you to truly focus on and exude passion about the work you represent or want to produce for your clients.

During the workshop he outlined 4 different questions, that when answered give a good indication of your individual progress towards optimising ‘Brand You’ in the workplace. Personally I find it really difficult to both get an idea of how I’m doing at my job and where I need to improve. If you have the same problem, try asking yourself the following questions;

1. Am I outstanding at delivering outcomes successfully (all my projects finish on time and under budget).

2. Am I an expert at something in my job (I am the ‘go to’ person in my team at one particular thing).

3. Do I have a valid point of view about the future (both in the short and long term).

4. Am I trustworthy, supportive and have great collegiality.

For each of these you should do an honest assessment and grade yourself out of 10. If you completely agree put a 10, reducing this all the way to 1 if you think it sounds like the statement is talking about your polar opposite. Don’t be afraid to also ask others in your team what they think you’re good/bad at so you can gauge how you’re doing. Once you’ve undertaken this exercise, you should have a pretty good indication of where your skills lie and where you need to improve.

It’s then recommended that you undertake this exercise every 3 or 4 months. Reassess. See what’s changed. See what you have to work on and what you need to maintain. You’ll build up a pretty good picture, very quickly, of where the strengths and weaknesses in ‘Brand You’ lie, and so be able to easily work on remedying them to create the best brand that you can be. Mediocrity is like a death knell, our main goal before we can even start to pass excellence on to our clients should be to strive to be internally outstanding. And that starts with you.

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