Razzle Dazzle’m With Your CV

by Feb 3, 2014
Razzle Dazzle - QR

Getting into advertising is tough. There are always people battling for the same jobs as you, or people telling you “You don’t have enough experience, we can’t offer you a job here” which is exactly the freaking reason you don’t have enough experience to get a job.

The ultimate advice is perseverance, but there are other things you can do while you’re busy persevering to get people to pay attention. And the first place to start is your CV. You’re trying to break into a creative industry, so present yourself as creatively as possible. A white, A4 sheet of paper with black size 10 font listing every one of your achievements is fine. But ‘fine’ isn’t good enough, is it? No. You’re better than ‘fine’.

So my gift to you are some of the best examples I’ve seen recently. They should get you thinking as you permanently remove all traces of black and white CVs from your hard drive:

>> Victor Petit, aka iPhone mouth man

Razzle Dazzle - QR 2

Although this cv uses a QR code (I spit in their general direction), it’s flipping genius, well put together, and not only showcases this budding art director’s skills but has also received over 56,000 views on YouTube, no doubt giving him some snazzy career prospects.

>> Robby Leonardi, aka superhero game man

Razzle Dazzle - Super hero game

Razzle Dazzle - Super hero game 2

Razzle Dazzle - Super hero game 3

Robby is an interactive designer who decided there is surely no better way than to demonstrate his skills than to create an interactive cv. Scrolling through his mini world takes you on a journey through his skills and experience and ultimately lands you at a ‘contact me’ form with links to his social sites too. Smoothly does it.

>> Alec Brownstein, aka Google AdWords man

Brownstein had a list of AdLand people he desperately wanted to work for, and one day he had a really good idea too. Knowing that everyone, at some point in time, has or will Google themselves (admit it!), he bought paid Google ad space against the names of his target big cheeses. Ian Reichenthal from Y&R New York saw the ad one day, got in contact, and Alec now works at Y&R.

>> Brian Moose, aka suitcase man

Razzle Dazzle - Suitcase

Creative Director Brian Moose wanted to make a physical splash in Pixar’s pool. Emails can too easily be ignored, vintage suitcases less so. Inside the suitcase Brian showed exactly why he’d be right for a job at Pixar, and he definitely made an impression. On further research, it looks like Brian never quite made it to Pixar. I like to think he turned down the job after realising he was far too creative for them.

If you’re sending your cv out soon, rethink the A4 version and do something that shows a bit more of your personality, or a bit of your skill. You’ll definitely attract attention and it gives you a great ice-breaker when (not if!) you get through to the interview stage. Good luck!

Words by Jo Birch

[Imagery courtesy of the Youtube, Robby Leonardi & Creative Guerrilla Marketing]
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