The Reason You Should Write Rubbish

by Oct 7, 2015

Most writers fail because they don’t get started, but we believe you shouldn’t be afraid to write rubbish. Firuze tells us why.

I’ve never been a great writer. I knew I’d never be a Hemingway or an Austen when I was told I write ‘like’, ‘love’, and ‘nice’ too often. I should have used the Hemingway app back then.

Writing used to require a degree and experience in order to be published, but with more people producing content than ever, and the increasing outlets on the internet for those who want to air their voice, everyone can dip their toe into writing through blogs or social media.

My everyday work now demands copious amounts of writing, and I’m surrounded by copywriters; those clever folk who are able to articulate their words succinctly and still be captivating. That being said it feels like the pressure to be a great writer as well as a great thinker is more apparent than ever.

I’ve found that the more I write the easier it gets, but the hardest part has always been starting. The easy option is to avoid it, but there’s a really easy way to start out by writing anything… Don’t be afraid to write just because you think it will be rubbish. Blank pages are scary and it’s easy to be afraid of making a mistake. Having a piece of bright white paper on your desk or Microsoft Word’s little indicator blinking at you can be daunting. But quit being apprehensive. Write something. Write anything. Write a word. Write several. Write something awful that no one but you will see. Then stop. You could look at it now, or in an hour, maybe a week. You’re miles ahead of where you started already.

The brilliance of writing rubbish is that when you come back to it you are the editor. The reader. Now you can make it what it needs to be and turn it around and make it into a captivating piece.

When you feel apprehensive about writing anything, try writing rubbish first. Try it for your CV, cover letter, love letter, blog posts (like this one) and even PowerPoint presentations and you will realise you’re not afraid of writing rubbish and in turn you’ll write more and more. Writing is an iterative process, so save worrying about whether it is ‘good’ until after you have something written.

I’m sure professional writers have different processes and can strongly recommend reading and writing all day every day, but for those of us who aren’t copywriters, authors or Austens, we can stick to writing rubbish.


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About Firuze French

Firuze is headstrong but a fan of cute things. Although she’s a minimalist on the outside, she’s overly technical on the inside. As a design consultant, Firuze is always on hand to offer advice on creative and tech trends. She’s a London lover but New York dreamer who loves city life. Firuze considers herself an interior designer in training, DIY hobbyist and a lover of Michelin star dining for a bargain price.