We Talk To Amy Russell Taylor, Jeweller & Designer

by Jul 9, 2020

Have you got a passion for jewellery and all things style related? We talk to Amy Russell Taylor, a working mum who developed her interest and flair into a highly successful jewellery business after the birth of her first son.

How did you start your business?

The whole thing happened very organically. After having my first born son we took the decision for me not to return to work and during that time I discovered the world of jewellery by simply attending a day course with my mum. I couldn’t stop thinking about it from that point on and it truly became my passion. After attending more courses and indulging in a lot of self teaching and practice I began making pieces for friends when I realised I wanted it to be more than just a hobby. They’d get a piece of jewellery at cost price and I’d get to photograph it for my debut collection. It was very much on a shoestring budget and I did everything myself and have been learning along the way ever since. Still SO much more to learn!

What/Who makes you tick?

Love, laughter and women! When I’m in a positive state and feel loved and life generates lots of laughter I can run the world! I also have a huge love for women and the strengths and compassion we bring to situations so a lot of my designs are made with an intent of symbolising women.

If you could attribute your success to anyone, who gave you your first break?

Amanda Holden! She’s been so instrumental in the growth of my business and so unbelievably generous to me. And continues to be. We connected right at the beginning of my journey and she basically gave my brand the seal of approval and allowed the public to be able to trust me (as an online retailer you need trust). I’m forever grateful to her and I hope our relationship continues to grow as it’s lovely to have people with you from the beginning.

What are your biggest influences?

I would say my family as I’m always looking for ways to symbolise my love for them all. But I also have a particular love affair with the 90’s supermodels! Growing up in the era of the supermodel, I will never forget the impact that they had on young women like myself. They gave women power by using our strengths to our advantage and helped make it possible for me to follow my passions and balance a career with motherhood.

How do you balance work with play?

When I figure it out I’ll let you know! It’s difficult when you run your own business cause you never switch off but I do try and make an effort to maintain the balance. You know the saying – work hard, play hard! I’ll never not play cause I’ve got work to do. I’ll just find a way to do it all!

What’s the hardest thing about your work?

Being the everything person. There’s never enough time to get all the jobs done that I need to and I’m always pulled in a million different directions. But I understand that that’s the price you have to pay and perhaps if I work hard enough I’ll be able to pass some responsibilities on. This year has seen Abi join me to take care of the brand management and PR side of the business and that’s already a huge help so I’m keen to see what’s next!

What are you most proud of?

In life, my kids. In business, probably creating a celebrity customer base. It’s one thing to see people you admire wear your gifts. It’s another to have them come back to buy more! Kate Moss is a stand out moment for me when she became a customer (as I said before, I have a thing for 90’s supermodels)!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

To believe in myself. The minute you doubt yourself, it’s game over.

With thanks to Amy x

For more information and to see the collection visit the site here.


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