by Nov 11, 2013
The DMA Awards

Brace yourself AdLand – the DMAs are coming!

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we discover what some of the best direct marketing agencies have spent their year doing. And for 2013, the bar has been set extraordinarily high with last year’s Grand Prix winner: OgilvyOne London, shortlisted for a whopping 22 awards!

Returning this year with more categories than ever, the DMAs are no longer just a parade of powerhouse group agencies. There are now many independent agencies with niche specialisms fighting for their chance to showcase their work at the the biggest industry event of the year.

I think we’re set for an exciting show of great work, and with Head Judge being none other than Stephen Poliakoff: a dramatic playwright and scriptwriter, I’m certain that every campaign that has made it to the shortlist is worthy of an award. Jimmy Carr and his laugh are set to compere, and with the suspense of ‘pass the parcel’ (find out more on that here) it sounds like those who are lucky enough to go will have an unforgettable night. The only thing that isn’t clear is where the all-important after party is being held. Never fear, TWOP are busy getting to the bottom of it and will update you as soon as we know.

I’ll return with a post after the event to give my view on this year’s Grand Prix.

Words by – VT

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