SheSays Awards Night

by Jun 19, 2014

She Says Awards Night

A few weeks ago the The TWOP girls were lucky enough to be invited to the SheSays awards. Here’s our overview of the night.

A background into SheSays (for those of you who don’t know): SheSays is an award-winning organization running free mentorship and events to women in the creative and marketing businesses. Why? Because they want to see more women at the top. They offer courses, career management, mentoring and a collaboration platform called shout; all tools which support and celebrate the successes of female creative talent. Hurrah!

Back to the awards: After a quick rush to make ourselves look respectable (after all the invite asked us to ‘dress to impress’), chucking on our dresses and heels while doing our make-up (we are women, we can multitask), we found ourselves at Isobar’s offices just off Great Portland.

She Says Awards Night 2

The evening’s agenda was kicked off by D&AD President, SheSays founder and all round super woman, Laura Jordan Bambach: “Women in the industry – especially in creative, design and tech – are incredibly poorly represented, especially at the top level. This means that the people up on stage picking up awards, the creative directors, are a steady flow of men. This discourages women from taking up these roles, and without positive role models they often fail to progress or leave for other roles over the course of their careers. It’s a vicious circle – you can’t be what you can’t see. By supporting SheSays, Isobar is a catalyst for a change in the industry that’s lagging behind both other industries and other roles within advertising.” Amen sista.

She Says Awards Night - Laura Jordan Bambach

Isobar’s CEO Nick Bailey was next up to the lectern, whose speech supported the sentiments outlined by Bambach. “Currently only three per cent (that’s not a typo…three percent!) of Creative Director positions within the industry are held by females, despite the fact women account for more than 80 per cent of consumer spending…” Rounding up Bailey said: Female-named hurricanes kill more than male hurricanes because people don’t respect them.” this was certainly one of our favorite quotes from the night.

The evenings host Elenor Conway then took us on a journey through the nominated creative and campaigns that were up for awards. Overall we were very impressed by standard of the entries, but one campaign that really stood out (and made a few of our table well up) was RSA’s short film ‘The Power of Empathy’ by Katy Davis- check out the film here.

She Says Awards Night - RSA

The evening was then rounded up by the Engine power house Debbie Klein who picked up The Drums ‘Woman of the year’. On accepting the award she explained that “Great ideas don’t have genitals, If all of us and the people we know repeat that then eventually people will believe it.” Hear hear.

She Says Awards Night -  Debbie Klein

Well done to all the winners and everyone involved. We’d like to make a special shout out to Dani Brown (@daniisbeing) who did a sterling job of organising a great event. We look forward to next year’s installment!

To find out more information on SheSays visit their website here.

Words by – NJ

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