Cannes Campaigns

by Jun 17, 2014

Cannes Campaigns

As Cannes starts we start the week with a few of the campaigns we’ve got our money on to be big winners.

A whole year has passed and we’re hit by the Cannes fever again. Below are some of the campaigns everyone’s been talking about, along with our favourite picks.

DM targets your kitty: Rethink Canada


A couple of the TWOP team are crazy cat ladies so this got us excited. Ad agency rethink Canada get cats excited by a flyer promoting Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse simply by printing the message on Catnip-coated paper. Watch the campaign video here to see them go mental over it.

Volvo, JCVD, and extreme flexibility: Forsman & Bodenfors

Cannes - Volvo

Described by many online as “the best ad EVER”, the clever people at Forsman & Bodenfors had us baffled and delightfully bewildered by their attempt to ‘demonstrate the stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering’. Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme in an action scene that was taken in only one shot (what?!!), they demonstrate a dull functional reason to believe in the most creative way possible. Definite winner in our books. Take a look here.

Forgetting cancer, if only for a second: Leo Burnett Paris




In June 2013 an initiative of the Mimi Foundation and in collaboration with Leo Burnett France, 20 cancer patients were invited into a studio to be made over – but without being able to see their transformation happening. What they didn’t know, is that some of them were being made to look a little bit odd. A photographer captured the moment their look was revealed: a second of shock and hilarity – letting them forget their disease for a brilliant brief moment. Supported by videos and a book, we loved it. Take a look at the campaign again here.

British Airways make you #lookup: OgilvyOne


Back in November we raved about the new British Airways stunt Look Up. Taking over a huge billboard in Piccadilly Circus, clever data integration and custom-built surveillance technology meant a video of a young boy pointing at the sky could be played  whenever a BA plane flew overhead: his finger actually tracking the flight path. Bloody genius. Abigail Comber, British Airways’ head of marketing, called it a first for both the airline and UK advertising. Watch the billboard in action here.

Tourism through a remote control: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne



The Melbourne Remote Control Tourist brought social media and real life within touching distance for client Vic Tourism. The experience they created allowed users to control a team of urban explorers live on the ground. Hosted on a sleek site (view here) the campaign involved the four Remote Control Tourists (RCTs) roaming around Melbourne for eight hours a day over five consecutive days. The RCTs were commanded by tweets and Facebook posts from all around the world and asked to explore every facet of Melbourne life. We love the genuine value created for users by engaging socially – nice one.

Sorry I spent it on myself: A&E DDB London



Christmas: tis the season to spend a fortune on indulgent presents for loved ones. Or not for Harvey Nicks customers…as the case may be. The premium department store saw Christmas from a different angle with this selfish seasonal spot: encouraging people to spend their money by treating themselves. Winner? We’d like to think so. View the ads here.

Newcastle Brown Ale have no money: Droga5




At a time when brands were spending the big bucks making ‘me too’ ads for the Superbowl, this Heineken-owned beer brand used the power of paid and earned media to drive people to their ingenious ‘If We Made It’ Superbowl idea: a video telling viewers what their ad WOULD have been if they’d ever made it. With a little help from Hollywood starlet Anna Kendrick, the campaign flew. The results? 56.6 million impressions, 1.3 million consumer engagements, and a marketshare increase of 5%. Pretty good going. To see more of the campaign take a look here and see Kendricks performance here.

First Kiss: Tatia Plleva


Shot for clothing brand Wren Studio (who never actually reveal themselves in the film) by Tatia Plleva, this viral smash saw strangers pair up and get busy tonsil-tickling. There’s some really smart thinking behind this vid: the producers worked out what people love gawping at, and also what would induce an incredibly emotional response in the audience (the mix of awkwardness and passion was spot on) to create something inherently shareable. It got some major hype with hundreds of millions of views, media coverage in the news, and spoofs popping up within 24 hours. A winner? Must be. Look back at the campaign here.

Follow all the action, live talks and winners visit the Cannes Lions site here or follow on Twitter @Cannes_Lions.

Words by – NJ

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