Comic Sans for Cancer Research

by May 28, 2014

Comic Sans For Cancer

As 2014 marks the the 20th anniversary of Comic Sans, Cancer Research have created a campaign to try and change perceptions of the not so popular font – and raise money of course. But has it worked?

To Joe Bloggs, Comic Sans probably isn’t that offensive: simply a generic system font that is used to inject some ‘fun’ or give a ‘friendly’ feel to leaflets, posters and other such literature. Yet ask anyone within the industry what their view of the ‘playful’ font is and I can tell you the response will be considerably less positive.

As quite possibly the most hated font by designers, Comic Sans stands at the parapet of bad design. Sites have been created to help those with an addiction to the jaunty typeface (take a look at Comic Sans Criminals here) and a number of opinionated letters banning it from use have popped up over t’interweb. It sends a shiver down my spine when seeing it used in the wrong context in newspaper ads, important signage or even in a serious letter. Typography can make or break an idea, so when Cancer Research released it’s latest campaign entirely focused on Comic Sans, I was somewhat baffled.

The concept challenges designers to submit an A2 representation of what the font means to them. They presume it’s like Marmite to most, and the resultant user-generated content will “challenge the way we look at the diverse font”.

A campaign statement explains: “In its short history, no other font has caused as much division as Comic Sans: not only does it divide opinions, but it is also a font that everyone seems to have an view on. We want to harness the energy and opinions that surround Comic Sans and show that it can have a positive effect on society. So why not put this divisive font to good use…to raise money for cancer research?”.

Thankfully, the campaign doesn’t take itself seriously (the PDF guidelines say: “This may be the first time we publicly admit to having used Comic Sans. We apologise in advance to the design gods for the design sins we are about to commit. Please have mercy on our souls”) and of course, it’s for a good cause. I’m reflexively sceptical about its use – but then again it has caught my eye and become a talking point. Could Comic Sans actually have a positive effect on society?! I guess in time we’ll find out, but for now we have some aesthetically pleasing campaign ads to look at.

Comic Sans For Cancer 2

For the crazy cats who would like to enter the competition or view more information visit the site here.

Words by – NJ

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