Snoop Dogg is EPIC in the Latest MoneySupermarket Ad

by Feb 12, 2014

MoneySupermarket - Snoop

Quite how far does a celebrity’s star have to fall before they suddenly start extolling the virtues of a completely unlikely project (remember Lionel Ritchie and Walkers crisps?). It doesn’t get any unlikelier than the new ad from Money Supermarket, featuring the one and only Snoop Dogg. Slash Snoop Lion. Slash Snoopzilla.

Whatever his choice of name this week, our old 90’s rapper pal Snoop Dizzle has suddenly embraced his thrifty side and is taking on those meerkats with a lesson in feeling “EPIC!!!”.

The ad (by Mother London) tells the story of skinny British dude ‘Phil’ who feels ‘So Moneysupermarket’ about the savings he’s made from his car insurance that he acquires a swagger so epic as to give bystanders the impression that he’s cruising around in an invisible Chevy Low Rider.

Money Supermarket - Chris

Blasting out Snoop Dogg’s hip-hop classic ‘What’s My Name?’ as he cruises around LA in his imaginary pimped-up ride, our hero Phil pulls up next to another Low Rider. Surrounded by beautiful women and rocking a pimped out blue suit, Phil notices the other driver is none other than Snoop himself, the epitome of self-assured confidence.

Money Supermarket

Gareth Helm, brand director at, comments; “In Phil’s case, this feeling transforms him to an epic dude which isn’t just recognised by the G’s and Honey’s of LA’s hip hop scene but also by the legendary Snoop himself”. Of course. (Note to self to become BFF with Gareth).

Tenuous, but like a lot of Mother’s portfolio: strangely, it works. Watch the ad here.

Words by – GS, Ruth Hatch

[Imagery courtesy of the Mother London]

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