The Weekly Roundup: 13th June 2014

by Jun 13, 2014

Bringing you our selection of the biggest and baddest adland breaking news from the last 7 days. Because you’ll need something to read when there’s no football matches on.

The week at a glance:

There’s only been one focus of AdLand this week. Falafel.
No you fools, not really. It’s quite obviously the World Cup. Can we say World Cup if we’re not official sponsors of the World Cup? World Cup. Let’s see.

So what’s been going on? Coke launched it’s biggest ever marketing campaign in celebration, Adidas offer up their new ad….but does it beat Nike’s movie? Beats by Dr Dre show some attitude in their epic underdog attempt, Lucozade feels the heat, McDonalds get in on the act, and Google give us a nice interactive infographic to play with.


Roundup 13th June - Coke

Coca-Cola is issuing a universal invitation to the 2014 FIFA World Cup through its largest-ever marketing campaign: the ads show a series of authentic documentary-style films championing the power of football to bring people together. The campaign centres around the One World One Game video.

“Football is the world’s most played and loved sport. All you need is a few mates and a ball, and you’ve got a game… you don’t need fancy equipment or a stadium,” explains Guy Duncan, global creative director, Coke Trademark. “Brazil is one of the most exciting and vibrant countries on earth. And Coca-Cola is the world’s most-loved beverage brand. The ‘World’s Cup’ campaign celebrates the coming together of these ingredients and invites everyone, everywhere, to play a part in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.” It’s good – but not groundbreaking. Watch here.

Nike’s movie

Roundup 13th June - Nike

Not content with just making an ad, Nike only bloody went and animated a Pixar-style mini-movie complete with baddie in grey turtle neck. The world’s best players are under threat by a bionic superteam until fat Ronaldo (not hotpant Ronaldo) gets involved and gives them a peptalk. Apparently the mini-movie had 500 people working on it at one point: that’s what can happen when you throw millions at a project. There are calls for Nike to make this into a full length feature – they’re an unstoppable brand. Have a look here.

Beats by Dre

Roundup 13th June - Beats

Creative emotive brand storytelling at it’s best. This spot tells the story of life before the game, before the goals, before the glory. Although you’d be right to question the link between Beats and football, what the brand lacks in credible connection to the World Cup it makes up for in serious attitude, and featuring some epic cameos and backing track too – this ad isn’t to be missed. Watch the five minute ad here.

Adidas ft Messi

Roundup 13th June - Adidas

Rolling out their star player (and some new magic rainbow boots), Adidas throw down the gauntlet: be fast or fail. Has anyone spotted the REMARKABLE resemblance to the Nike movie? Large stadium, sci-fi robot characters, rise of the underdog? Nike: Adidas have bugged your office (or vice versa). Have a look here.


Roundup 13th June - Lucozade

Focusing in on one element of the World Cup: the unbearable heat, Lucozade created a nicely integrated campaign. The Conditions Zone is a site in canary wharf where fans can play a game of 5-aside in the humidity and heat the England players face. A tv ad with a sweaty Gerard and a dedicated campaign destination support this experience. Nice to see something a little bit different. Watch the spot here.

McDonalds GOL!

Roundup 13th June - McD

McDonalds seemingly scoured the streets of Brazil to find small children who could kick small objects into small goals. Or they used clever CGI trickery – the jury’s still out. Either way, it’s not groundbreaking, but it does make us feel good. And oh look! A girl in high heels does 3 keepie-uppies! Well done female. Take a peek at the ad here.

and finally…Google’s World Cup searches

Roundup 13th June - Google

Using their massive data pool, Google have created an interactive site which stylishly serves up stats around what each competing country’s fans are searching for. It may come as no surprise that in our dear country more people search for Stevie G than the monarch, and in Brazil there are twice as many searches for the nation’s mascot than star player Neymar. Great little tool if you’re doing any World Cup work over the next few weeks. Check out the site here.

Be careful now, it is Friday 13th after all!

If you think we’ve missed anything world-changing that should be covered, let us know and we’ll put it in next week’s round-up! Email:

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