The Weekly Roundup: 15th August 2014

by Aug 15, 2014

Bringing you our selection of the biggest and baddest adland breaking news from the last 7 days. Because after the week you’ve had, you deserve it

The week at a glance:

Levi’s get pedal-tastic, Paddy Power get chatted up, The King of Pop returns from the grave via Twitter and Lyft and Uber get petty.

Levi’s hit up London commuters

Roundup 15th Aug - Levis

Levi’s, we recently learnt, have been going after cycling commuters for a few years now. Their rider-friendly gear brings a new level of technicality to fashion (their jeans repel dirt and water), and in a bid to connect with cyclists more they’ve just launched their first London Bike Shop. Get your jeans tailored, your bikes tuned and your whistle wet with some cold brew coffee from Protein Cafe (‘cold brew’ is the new thing… keep an eye out for our Sandows review coming soon). You can even settle down to work thanks to their free wifi, everything your two-wheeled fashion-savvy cyclist could desire. Have a look at the ad here.

Paddy Power gets chatted up

Roundup 15th Aug - Paddy

Somehow, by some cruel twist of fate, a lovely man called Steve got the number of a girl he’d met the night before mixed up with the number of someone who manned the Twitter account of notoriously mischievous Paddy Power. How unlikely…

Anyway… what ensued was a painfully awkward back and forth between the two, with PP pretending to be ‘Jess’, all played out real-time to PP’s thousands of followers. Luckily for Steve, he turns out to be a bit of a hero. Take a look here.

Lyft and Uber get snarky

Roundup 15th Aug - Uber

In the US, taxi big-wig rivals Lyft and Uber have been getting a tad uppity. The spat began when Lyft accused Uber of ordering then cancelling over 5000 of their cars, to which Uber retorted saying it was all lies and in fact Lyft had done the very same with 13000 of their fleet. Children children.

New music video for King of Pop released on Twitter

Roundup 15th Aug - MJ

The legendary pop singer, Michael Jackson, has released a new song, and premiered its video on Twitter. The Jackson Estate released the video for A Place With No Name (which was originally recorded in 1998) to over 1.5 Twitter followers on Wednesday. The social media platform reportedly had the video exclusively for 12 hours. Check out the video here.

Over and out.

If you think we’ve missed anything world-changing that should be covered, let us know and we’ll put it in next week’s round-up! Email:

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