The Weekly Roundup: 20th December 2013

by Dec 20, 2013

Bringing you our selection of the biggest and baddest adland breaking news from the last 7 days. Because we’ve drunk too much and we’re feeling kind.

The week at a glance:

Agencies are getting in on the Christmas campaign game with their own offerings so we’ve brought you some of our faves, Apple’s holiday ad unusually puts an emotional twist where it usually puts product (in our faces) and We Are Social get snapped up.

Happy Christmas from your dearest Ad Agency

Every crisp, autumnal October in ad agencies across the globe, a crack team hide away in a magical den and busily scribble a plan for that year’s Christmas offering to clients and the world alike.

These offerings take many forms, but you certainly wouldn’t be able to stand them proudly on your mantelpiece like the cards of yesteryear. Here’s a mini selection box for you:


Roundup - 20th Dec > A&EDDB

A Christmas card wouldn’t be complete these days without a French bulldog modelling various outfits on a rotating platform. So that’s exactly what A&EDDB have given us this year. Ladies and Gent, we give you Freddie! View it here.


Roundup - 20th Dec > BCL

This quirky independent agency decided it was time to let Joe Public put a stop to the shameless product-pushing that BCL do so well during the festive period, and instead unleash Christmas havoc on the agency (as opposed to having advertising havoc unleashed on them at Christmas) via a microsite. A hilariously tongue-in-cheek video explains to users that they can vote on the festive terrors to be brought upon the agency today (take a look now!) from evil elves to an army of sprouts. Delightful.

Lipman Hearne

Roundup - 20th Dec > Lipman Hearne

NJ is often in charge of the music selection in her office, and if you also find yourself in this position of great power then you’re never under scrutiny more-so than at Christmas time. To help you navigate some of the best festive tunes around, the magical elves at Lipman Hearne have very kindly created a Christmas jukebox for you. Thanks guys.

Apple tell a tale

Roundup 20th Dec - Apple ad

Not a porky-pie lie, we mean a story. In juxtaposition to their old ‘LOOK AT OUR PRODUCT’ ads, their new festive spot hardly shows the product at all. Instead, it focuses on a seemingly moody and antisocial (in the traditional sense) teenage boy who doesn’t lift his eyes from his phone during all his family’s Christmas celebrations. Built on a painfully true insight, there’s a somewhat unsurprising twist at the end where the lad comes good thanks to the help of his Apple gizmos. A nice ad, but we think it fails to capture the reality or sentiment of the great Google/Nexus story-based spots. How about you – love, hate or indifferent? View the ad here.

We Are Social sell up

Roundup 20th Dec - We are social

The UK-based social media outfit this week announced that they’ve been bought for just over £18mil by Blue Focus: a Chinese marketing company. Founded by Robin Grant and Nathan McDonald (whose families are no doubt getting great presents this year), the agency has grown considerably since 2008 and now employs over 400 people globally. The purchase is being positioned as a partnership so don’t expect to see any huge agency changes soon. Well done fellas.

Merry Christmas…

If you think we’ve missed anything world-changing that should be covered, let us know and we’ll put it in next week’s round-up! Email:

[Images courtesy of Youtube, A&EDDB, BCLLipman Hearne & We are social]

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