The Weekly Roundup: 23rd May 2014

by May 23, 2014

Bringing you our selection of the biggest and baddest adland breaking news from the last 7 days…because it’s another bank holiday so why the hell not?

The week at a glance:

Toyota and proved they’re quick out the blocks with their latest responsive work, Uber and Bacardi make for an unlikely but awesome pairing, Vodafone set out to save a language and AdLand says goodbye to David Abbott.

Toyota play on celeb drama with responsive print advertising

RoundUp May 23rd - Toyota

Over the pond, Toyota reacted fast to the footage released of the feud between Jay Z and Solange Knowles (you ). In a full page ad, Toyota bypassed its current marketing strategy to produce a speedy one-off piece playing on the space of its cars.

Lastminute take down Nigel Farage

RoundUp May 23rd - Last Min

In another beautifully timed execution, lastminute make a pop at UKIP’s not-so-esteemed leader via video montage. A series of well-edited clips show him waxing lyrical about destinations in Europe, and by the looks of it he bloody loves the continent!

Made by Adam&EveDDB (what isn’t these days?!) it’s a great piece of entertaining and delightfully controversial content. Lastminute made it clear we’re not going to see any more political commentary: “We don’t run ads against or for any political party. We have absolutely no political affiliation.

Mr Farage is an outspoken Eurosceptic, while we are outspoken lovers of European holidays. “That’s what this video is all about.” Watch here.

Uber and Bacardi make an awesome pair

RoundUp May 23rd - Uber

In a stroke of marketing partnership genius, Uber have for some reason teamed up with Bacardi to bring Cuba Libres to the thirsty residents of London. For absolutely no fee (except a photo of your experience when the travelling bar arrives) yesterday between 6 and 10pm, with just a tap of a button, you could summon the car to deliver cocktails straight to you. Lovely little stunt which generated a hell of a lot of UGC, and even MORE brand advocates for Uber (and not a bad ride for Bacardi to get involved with too).

Vodafone save a language

RoundUp May 23rd - Voda

The phone giant called on it’s superpowers recently to head to a small village in Mexico, meet the last two remaining speakers of the language Ayapaneco, and save the damn language (when you’re this huge, you can do things like that!). A hell of a lot of research went into this campaign, and the resultant digital arm is a website that allows users to adopt a word (such as HO’O or POOT) from Ayapaneco, film themselves saying it, and share it to teach others the word. It’s a great experience, although we’re not quite sure we’re really helping by badly pronouncing words, but it was definitely fun to do! Watch the video here. You can also view the supporting campaign site (which we love) here.

David Abbott sadly passes away

RoundUp May 23rd - David

In a rare bit of sad news from TWOP, we thought it’d be wrong to leave out AMV co-founder Abbott’s recent death.  Tributes have poured in since last weekend, calling him one of the industry’s greatest copywriter and a man with real integrity – even in the Mad Men years. After his retirement in 2010, Claire Beale (Editor of Campaign) rightly said: “London advertising has few Gods. David Abbott is one of them – a genius, a legend, a gentleman”.

Now go and have a nice looooooong weekend.

If you think we’ve missed anything world-changing that should be covered, let us know and we’ll put it in next week’s round-up! Email:

[Images courtesy of Twitter & Youtube]
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