The Weekly Roundup: 24th Oct 2014

by Oct 24, 2014

Bringing you our selection of the biggest and baddest adland breaking news from the last 7 days.

Because what’s the point of life without a roundup?

The week at a glance:
Chanel launched their epic ad, Argos unveiled a totally different look, Currys copied it (we think), Dare got in a pickle with their new website, IKEA got spooky, and Ford scared the shite out of people.

Chanel N° 5

Roundup 24th Oct - Chanel

Never content with doing things by half, Chanel stick to their tried and tested formula of plugging most of their marketing spend into a ridiculously big and outlandish TV ad slash movie. This time, they’ve got Gisele and Baz Luhrmann involved, so it wasn’t exactly a bargain. Is it impressive? Very. Is it any good? Debatable. Have a look at the film ad here.

Argos ‘ new brand positioning

Roundup 24th Oct - Argos

Something that WAS good this week was the launch of Argos’ new ads, along with a very different brand positioning after they laid the alien family to rest. It’s their biggest ever marketing campaign and they’re throwing £10mil at the effort to get people to ‘Sit up and listen’. The ads are bright, bold, and punchy – designed to reflect ‘the speed and dynamism of Argos’. Whatever they’re meant to communicate, we like them. Watch here.

Currys may or may not have copied Argos

Roundup 24th Oct - Currys

So the other night we were sitting there watching what looked like another version of the Argos ads. Imagine our surprise (and raised eyebrows) when the perpetrator of the ad was none other than electronics rival Currys instead. Looks like the spies have been working hard. Have a look for yourself here.

This is Dare

Roundup 24th Oct - Dare

Dare have repositioned themselves as a ‘new digital agency’, whatever that is. In doing so, they’ve created a new website using telescopic text (a lovely little function that expands words into longer sentences to give more colour to a story – see some examples here: ). Very interesting.

What’s arguably MORE interesting is that they appear to have completely ripped off the website of copywriter Alan Trotter in the process – leading to angry cries of ‘Cheat!’ and a parody website. Dare released a kind of sort of statement via Medium in response, but it looks to us like they’re straining to do some explaining.

IKEA – The Shining version

Roundup 24th Oct - Ikea

Halloween is fast approaching, marked by the onslaught of Halloween-focused brand comms. IKEA did a lovely job in Singapore with their Shining style ad, featuring ‘child cycling tricycle through dark store only to meet scary people’. Have a look here.

Ford and the scary car wash

Roundup 24th Oct - Ford

We love a good scare. This ain’t no demon baby but is still fun to watch. Unsuspecting test drive fools get a fright as they innocently turn up to this car wash to, well get their cars washed. Little did they know that a halloween trick was about to be played out on them, which did not end even after they had left the car wash! Watch the prank play out here.

Have a good weekend y’all.

If you think we’ve missed anything world-changing that should be covered, let us know and we’ll put it in next week’s round-up! Email:

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