The Weekly Roundup: 29th November 2013

by Nov 29, 2013

Bringing you our selection of the biggest and baddest adland breaking news from the last 7 days. Because we can.

The week at a glance:

This week, we get unashamedly self-indulgent with Harvey Nichols, join the political revolution with Facebook, watch with interest as Pinterest get geolocational (yes, we just made that word up but we work in advertising and are therefore allowed to, apparently) and clench our fists up due to unfathomable cuteness as Three (the brand, not the number) put a pug on a sledge.

Harvey Nichols see Christmas differently

Roundup Fri 29t HN

Little known fact: the fine folk over at A&E/DDB suffer from a rare case of Dissociative Identity Disorder. The condition, if left untreated, can result in the creation of one festive family-friendly epic involving a bear & a hare AND the creation of a wickedly selfish seasonal spot for another major department store.

The latter of course refers to the new Harvey Nichols Christmas ad. Every year they find some twisted angle on the upcoming religious holiday and we love it. From dressing your dog to the walk of shame to this year’s ‘spend it on yourself’ message, which hits their target audience right in the face and makes them say “I do that! And I’m going to keep it a secret for as long as I can”.

Take a look here, and if you say you’ve never bought yourself a little treat as you do the last minute Christmas dash: you’re lying.

Facebook and the political revolution

Roundup Friday 29th - Facebook

Didn’t ever think you’d see these words strung together in a sentence? It actually makes a surprising amount of sense. Commons Speaker John Bercow is to introduce a radical plan allowing Britons to vote in elections via the internet – calling in bigwigs at Facebook, Twitter, and Google (and then some) to help him devise how eDemocracy could work.

In a bid to revitalise the antiquated political system, we think it’s about time voting caught up with the changing behaviour of voters.

Read the Independent’s story here

Pinterest’s mapping functionality

Roundup Fri 29th - Pinterest

Place Pins, as it’s called, was designed to combine beautiful imagery with the utility of an online map. Especially useful to plan trips or know where to find ‘that dress’, the new possibilities this offers brands knows no bounds. By ‘adding a map’ to a board and then mapping those pins, you can easily create your own city guide. Check out this guide to the ‘Best place to visit in Europe’ to see how cool and useful this could be. We’re busy planning what maps we can create so watch this space….

Very pinteresting (*hangs head in shame*).

Check out Pinterest mapping here

And finally…

Roundup Fri 29th - 3 mobile

It’s a pug, on a sledge. View the ad here. Happy Friday!

If you think we’ve missed anything world-changing that should be covered, let us know and we’ll put it in next week’s round-up! Email:

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