The Weekly Roundup: 7th March 2014

by Mar 7, 2014

Bringing you our selection of the biggest and baddest adland breaking news from the last 7 days. Because the sun agreed to come out this weekend if we did. You’re welcome.

The week at a glance:

This week, Coke play a risky little game with their advertising, The Muppets get a new gig for Lipton Tea, Save The Children bring Syria’s troubles closer to home, and Dulux rebel against a colour ban in their new ad.

Coca-Cola play up their cocaine heritage

Roundup March 7th - Coke

Fun fact: when Coca-Cola first launched in the 1800s, one of its key (and not-so-secret) ingredients was cocaine: making the beverage a real pick-me-up. The drug was removed in 1903 due to growing hostile sentiment about its effects (party poopers), and now the only remaining sign of its Peruvian cocoa leaf heritage is the red and white packaging.

This controversial background was naturally downplayed when Coca-Cola rebranded itself with a wholesome image. However, the beast rears its Class C head again in a wickedly risky new ad spotted on the streets of New York City.

Created by agency Droga5, the tagline that technically reads “You’re On. Diet Coke” looks much more like “You’re on Coke” at first glance – a very different kind of message. Clever trickery to make you stop and think, and a hint of personality too. We wonder how long it took to sell-in to the client…

Read more about it here.

The Muppets star in Lipton tea ad

Roundup March 7th - Lipton

Characters from The Muppets are showing the world how to ‘Be More Tea’ (ahhh, another nonsensical ad slogan) in a new Lipton ad campaign. In their first spot, Kermit the Frog demonstrates how to cope with a New York filled with animals by drinking a cup of Lipton tea. What a lad. Check it out here.

Save The Children bring war to Richmond

Roundup March 7th - STC

Swiftly jumping on the back of the popularity of app ‘1 Second Every Day’, STC decided pictures of Syrian children in peril wasn’t quite generating the response required as we continued to go about our daily British lives, so they needed to bring the strife closer to home. The resultant ad, starring a little English girl who sees her lovely suburban life quickly descend into a nightmare, is so powerful it brings the war in Syria home with a bang. Watch the ad here.

Dulux imagine a world without colour

Roundup March 7th - Dulux

Set in a seemingly prohibition America, this spot tells the story of life in a world where colour is banned. A total removal from the usual ‘decorative’ cliches, it feels more like an extension of the new Sin City trailer than an ad to flog paint – and that’s a very good thing. Dulux are obviously keen to build on their ‘Let’s Colour’ brand proposition, and they do a clever job of showing the impact that a bit of colour can have on your life. We’re off to buy some Kiwi Burst 5 and slosh it around the place… View ad here.

Now go and frolick in the sun!

If you think we’ve missed anything world-changing that should be covered, let us know and we’ll put it in next week’s round-up! Email:

[Images courtesy of Animal & Youtube]

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