iPhone Shaming: Is It The Only Way To Go? Ask Samsung & Google…

by Dec 12, 2017

Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel 2 are shaming the iPhone in their latest ads, and it seems to be the only way to disrupt the market.

Below are two adverts, one from Samsung for the new Galaxy, and one for the Google Pixel 2. What do they have in common? iPhone shaming.

For Samsung we meet Erik, who starts off in 2007 with the first iPhone and over a decade upgrades to the latest model of which he finds the flaws in each, all the while seeing Samsungs everywhere and wanting the features.

For the Google Pixel 2 there are a series of questions that come out that really do support some of the amazing features of the phone, but it also shames the iPhone’s storage and Siri’s lack of understanding of accents.

Remember when they used to compare washing powders with the ‘marketing leading brand’ or ‘brand X’? Well, comparative advertising is now ok if it’s “clearly identified, truthful, and non-deceptive” according to the FTC in USA. But don’t these two adverts go beyond comparison when the Samsung ad actually shames iPhone users (and apparently their hairlines)?

Is this becoming more acceptable as we start purchasing mobiles other than the iPhone? Do you think Samsung and Google have gone too far? Watch the two ad’s then tweet us @toworkorplay to let us know what you think.

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