New Legislation on Flexible Working

by Jul 22, 2014

Flexible Working

VT sheds some light on the new flexible working legislation. Find out how to approach your employer and what you should consider.

If you work in ad-land the notion of flexible working hours might sound like a mythical utopia. However, since June 30, employees now have the right to request a form of flexible working hours, this could include a change in contractual hours, working from home, flexitime and job sharing.

For me, working in an ad agency is fairly full on (I’m being kind…) but I’ve weighed the pros against the cons around working from home just one day a week and I’m going to take that next step to request it. It doesn’t mean that every week I will take it, it just means that it’s there for me to use should I feel it necessary. A Forbes survey confirmed the benefits you can get from missing that twice daily commute:

A Forbes survey confirmed the benefits you can get from missing that twice daily commute:

>> More time with family

>> Less stressful environment

>> Quieter atmosphere

>> Eliminate long commute

>> Less distractions

>> More productive

>> Work/home balance

Key points to consider if you are thinking about making a request are:

>> Requests should be in writing stating the date of the request and whether any previous application has been made and the date of that application

>> Requests and appeals must be considered and decided upon within three months of the receipt of the request

>> Employers must have a sound business reason for rejecting any request

>> Employees can only make one request in any 12 month period

Although employees with less than 26 weeks service do not have a statutory right to request flexible working, some employers may allow all staff to make a request. To make a request for flexible working employees must:

>> Make their request in writing, state the date the request is made, the change to working conditions they are seeking, and the date they would like the change to take effect.

>> State whether they have made a previous application for flexible work and the date of that application.

>>State what change to working conditions they are seeking and how they think this may affect the business e.g. cost saving to the business.

Employers should consider requests in a reasonable manner and can only refuse them if there is a business reasons for doing so, this reason must be from the following list:

>> The burden of additional costs

>> An inability to reorganise work amongst existing staff

>> An inability to recruit additional staff

>> A detrimental impact on quality

>> A detrimental impact on performance

>> Detrimental effect on ability to meet customer demand

>> Insufficient work for the periods the employee proposes to work

>> A planned structural changes to the business

All this information and much much more can be found here.

Words by – VT

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