The Evolution Of Advertising – What's Changed?

by Oct 27, 2015

Advertising is constantly evolving with the focus shifting from a more traditional manner to digital experiences in order to deliver successful campaigns to a tech savvy audience. Vanessa discusses the evolution of the market as we know it:

Some of the simplest ads around are the most iconic. Thinking off the top of my head, the Coca-Cola Christmas lorry ad, the Guinness sea horses and the Hovis boy on a bike to name a few. All beautiful ideas, stunningly shot with a killer script. This is the power and advantage of traditional TV advertising. So if this is all takes for brands to create memorable campaigns, that touch their consumers emotionally, then why have marketing directors decreased their TV spend and upped their digital spend lately? Since 2013 many of the household names we know and love have reduced TV ad spend to invest in digital… what does it achieve and exactly what’s different?

While it wasn’t quite as straightforward as throwing money at a TV and then reaping the benefits, it was certainly a lot simpler than it is now. With more channels to consider, an increasingly digital savvy audience and the requirement to resonate with your audience, on every level it’s a complicated task.

So what are the key things that have changed:
Media budgets: In the current media landscape it is hugely important that marketers create a ‘unified brand experience’ across all channels. Brands need to create multiple touch points with a consumer using consistent imagery, branding and messaging in order to create impact.
Personalisation: Nowadays, the right data is key. Consumers expect brands to know who they are and what they like and what they don’t.
Content: In the current market there has been a rise in content marketing, with many focusing on the role it plays in social. We recently discussed this topic, have a look here.

And what’s stayed the same?
– Engaging consumers on an emotional level through storytelling

So at the end of the day, although the medium through which the campaign may be delivered has changed, the fundamental story and engagement of the customer on an emotional level remains the key to a successful ad. As the world of technology grows, which no doubt will result in another change of direction in advertising, we ask the question… what’s next? Who knows.


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