ASOS Ditches Airbrushing To The Applause Of Women Worldwide

by Jul 17, 2017

Remove the filters and get rid of the soft focus, we’re loving how ASOS isn’t hiding of cellulite and acne scars.

Dove’s campaign for real beauty has nothing on the latest stint by ASOS. You may have seen the praise that ASOS has received for refusing to airbrush their swimsuit models, revealing cellulite on the upper thighs and acne scarring on their face. Whether this was a strong marketing ploy from ASOS, or just a graphic designer who had too many images to edit, and so didn’t bother with airbrushing butt cheeks, it’s received a lot of attention.

These kinds of natural shots remind me of when American Apparel used to show nipples on all their product shots, unafraid to show a bit of raunch but also being realistic about how some of their items were see-through.

The cellulite on ASOS models first caught my eye with this image, selling a South Beach plunge swimsuit, a swimsuit I was considering for my upcoming summer holiday. What’s interesting is that the other images look like they have been airbrushed, but her thighs have been left untouched.

At the time I remember feeling self conscious about my own cellulite and acne scars. I’ve been watching what I eat, trimming down and improving my fitness regime, but the cellulite hasn’t shifted. I wondered how women did it, did they just never have it in the first place? Would mine ever go away, doomed to show up in every holiday photo without an Instagram filter? But seeing the positivity coming out of these photos of models without airbrushing, a sense of community washed over over me. It made me realise, not that people are concerned with having cellulite, but that there are plenty of people who have it, don’t care, and aren’t intimidated into what they should wear or how they should be viewed.

I used to photoshop for before it was taken over by Net-a-porter, and airbrushed photos of a particular model. I was asked to remove spots on her chin, a burn mark on her hand, and a wrinkle by her mouth. I met her in person, and could barely see the spots, burn mark and wrinkle, which meant that the camera was picking up everything making them look far worse than they actually were.

Although showing cellulite and scarring on models isn’t going to sell more clothes or make me buy the swimsuit just because, it’s a start in the right direction for consumers tired of unnatural images that are overly adjusted. Bravo ASOS!


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