Q and A with Jo Holley, Stylist and Digital Creator @theeditbutton

by Jan 27, 2023

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What inspired you to start your work as an influencer? 

I started my career in magazines working at Glamour and Vogue and part of my role was to compile the shopping pages. Apart from loving fashion and styling, I loved the creative aspect of my job, writing, designing and editing so to do so on my own platform appealed to me. 

The more I created under The Edit Button, and the more positive feedback I got from lovely followers who encouraged me to persevere and build my account. 

To have my own platform to grow, create content under my own personal style remit and build a business from motivated me hugely.

What’s your top piece of advice for others looking to work in this area?

Try to inject your personality/style/character into your content. This is the chance to celebrate your individuality and so whilst it seems like everyone is influencing, it will be your personal style and lifestyle that people will want to follow. 

In terms of styling, I would try and get some experience where possible whether it be working or shadowing a personal shopper or fashion stylist but most importantly be confident in your own style. 

Keep an eye on trends but use your own injection of fashion flair to set yourself apart, this is what is going to appeal to your audience. And audience engagement is vital!

Which are your favourite parts of the job and why? 

After working for a corporation for a long time, I love that I work for myself and can make my hours flexible so that I can be with my children too.

I also love the freedom to create what I want and to be part of a community that you can constantly communicate with. 

Another absolute favourite is when I can help a client feel more inspired when it comes to dressing and shopping. Some clients have had a real knock to their confidence for whatever reason, and after I help style and create looks for them, their feedback is that they feel better in themselves and more confident again. For me, there’s no better feedback than that.

Who is one of your biggest inspirations – either professionally or personally? 

I’m most inspired by people who exude confidence and self-happiness in their character and style. 

Back in my magazine days, I was surrounded by so many influential and aspirational personalities in fashion. The revolving doors of Vogue House were like a constant catwalk of fashion creatives expressing individuality or showcasing the latest trends. Now in the era of social media we have constantly evolving and instant access to fashion to be inspired by.

What do you think makes an influencer successful? 

I think consistency is important as is honesty. I think people want to see reality more and more these days, so staying true to oneself and not being influenced by what everyone else is doing helps. 

I think a successful influencer is someone who is prepared to make their account part of their everyday life- building a self-brand that they are happy to share. Audiences are becoming more demanding, wanting constant new and interesting content so I think accounts who engage and interact with their followers seem to be the most popular.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

I love my job and feel very lucky to call it a job so this is hard for me to answer. I think spending time comparing yourself to other influencers can be destructive and therefore prioritising your own mental health and self-worth has to be so important.

Do you find it easy to balance work and play?

Yes I do, I feel so lucky after having worked for a big company that I now have the freedom to be flexible with my hours and therefore can balance work and play.

Talk us through a typical day – from waking up to going to bed

I wake up at 6 and instantly go on my phone which is probably not the healthiest start to the day but everyone else is still asleep so I often find this hour the most productive work-wise. We have a Pelaton bike so a couple of mornings a week I will do a quick class before the kids wake up. 

I take my son to school and always get a morning matcha. I either work at a coffee shop or I come home and work from home. If I haven’t done a spin class at home then I try to do either a HIT weights class or pilates in the morning.

Whilst my daughter naps I work from home sourcing looks for clients or planning and creating content. At 3 it’s time to pick up my son and we either go to an after school club or a playdate.  

Sometimes I have an event, launch or a meeting in Central London and when I do I tend to see as many clients or brands that I can in that one day, which is usually one day a week. 

Evenings are spent with my husband, having dinner, watching shows, going for evenings out or having people over. I try to make weekends about family but my poor husband does reluctantly get roped into taking pictures or videos of me for my account occasionally. This tends to be tricky/disastrous with 2 small children in tow!

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