Q and A with Pip Durell: Founder of WNU

by Mar 27, 2023

What do you love most about the brand you’ve created?

Seeing women look and feel great in the shirts that we create at With Nothing Underneath (WNU)

Have you always wanted to work in this industry?

Yes, I have wanted to work in magazines since I was young, but never thought I would create a brand! It was a natural transition I think.

What are you most proud of?

Getting our B Corp certification was such a big moment; a true approval for all the hard work we’ve put into running this company with purpose.

What advice would you give to someone keen to start a business but unsure where to begin?

Make sure you know your market!

Who is one of your biggest inspirations – either professionally or personally?

I love Emily Weiss at Glossier.

If you could attribute your success to anyone who gave you your big break?

Annie Holcroft, the publisher of Vanity Fair who gave me my first job as her PA.

What’s the hardest thing about your job?

Having to be across everything – finances, creative direction, marketing, digital growth, customer services. You have to understand every aspect of your business.

Which part of your job do you most enjoy?  

Creative directing the brand means taking inspiration from a lot of archival imagery and it’s always fun taking that time to be inspired, be it for a new product or an upcoming campaign.

Do you find it easy to balance work and play?

I’m working on it!

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