Ready for Blast Off? Get On Board with Tiny Travelship

by Feb 1, 2023

Identifying a gap in the market is exciting. Figuring out that you have the means, ability and creativity to fill it is game changing. It’s impossible not to feel the buzz of excitement that radiates off Frankie Collinson and Becky Pennison-Bates as we discuss their grand plans for the launch of Tiny Travelship

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because they’ve managed to wrack up almost 15,000 followers through Instagram alone – and the website doesn’t launch until March. You’ve probably seen their highly respected account featuring a powerhouse community of some of the most influential mums online. 

So what are they doing? In short, they’re offering a new way to book stylish family travel. The idea was born out of Frankie’s frustration in being unable to find a family holiday that catered to not only her discerning taste and love of ‘aesthetically pleasing places’, but also the requirements that a new baby boy had brought into the equation. 

Frankie talks passionately about the ever familiar feeling I have when looking at family holidays online. We laugh about the numerous tabs open on the computer as you try to calculate the flight time, the average weather conditions, the distance of the hotel to the beach and whether this is via a rocky cliff face or a smooth buggy friendly path. Usually I give up, but with Tiny Travelship I wouldn’t. 

The soon to launch website will feature filters specifically designed for parents (think child’s age, sleeping setups and transfer time from the airport). It will be beautiful (obviously) but also helpful and easy to navigate, with carefully curated and fully formed family holidays at your fingertips. 

As a mother of two young children I can genuinely vouch for the fact that there’s nothing out there like this. Acknowledging this, I ask Frankie if perhaps there are other companies she’s inspired by or who she’s keen to emulate. Ever on brand, she cites Kidly – the hugely successful site founded by James Hart which has transformed the aesthetic of kid’s clothing, toys and gift giving. It also has a strong focus on community and building a trusted platform – dreamy.  

Tiny Travelship seems set for success. Not only have this duo identified a site that mums everywhere are silently screaming out for (Frankie is bravely a member of 3 separate NCT WhatsApp groups and confirms this ‘desperate’ need), they also have the skill set between them to make it work. Frankie has a strong background in marketing with experience in both online and offline campaigns, whilst Becky is seriously au fait with the type of digital innovation that can only boost this incredible brand. 

We sign off shortly after Becky’s young daughter clambers onto her lap wanting a snack. These women are very much mums on the ground, yet equally they’re building (in our opinion) one of the most exciting launches the family travel industry is set to see.

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