24 Hours of Happy

by Dec 12, 2013

24 Hours of Happy

It’s undoubtedly been a good year for Pharrell Williams. Landing back into the limelight with a bang, he gave us the no 1 chart topper “Get Lucky” before pairing up with Robin Thicke to create the somewhat-controversial-but-still-bloody-good-for-a-dance “Blurred Lines” single. And he hasn’t finished there, ending the year by bringing us a record-breaking concept wrapped up in an oh so catchy tune (we would expect nothing less).

24 Hours of Happy fills your screen with effortlessly cool kids dancing and singing to possibly the most upbeat tune of the year (good job its called Happy then isn’t it!?). But it’s not just the tune itself that works so well: visit the elegant site and you are served up a visual masterpiece complete with 24 hour clock, allowing you to move through the 24 hours of footage. YES, THE 24 HOURS OF FOOTAGE!

24 Hours of Happy

The likelihood is that you won’t view all 1440 minutes (unless you have lots of time to spare, or are a Pharrell Williams fanatic), but the bits you do uncover are pretty damn cool. Pharrell, along with a number of fine folk, dances through the streets, shops, and cafes of Los Angeles. Skimming through different time points (screw you, linearity of time) reveals a plethora of new environments and  characters. Sometimes Pharrell calls on some of his celebrity friends and we are given moments of pure class from Steve Carell (shown at 5:08pm), Jamie Foxx and Fam (shown at 5:30pm) and Kelly Osborne (shown at 1:27am). There’s also the addition of a dancing chicken thrown in, just for shiggles! The wonderful people behind the site have even given us the ability to skip to the scenes where Pharrell is featured (using the P tools), which, if like me, you will find is a VERY useful feature.

24 Hours of Happy

24 Hours of Happy

24 Hours of Happy

The footage has been cleverly cut down into a 4 minute music video (you can view the edited version here). Oh and if you want to do some celeb spotting, BuzzFeed have kindly given us the times in which they appear on the film here.

‘Happy’ takes music and digital integration to another level, and the whole experience certainly makes you feel what it says on the tin! I can’t wait to see what Pharrell has in store for the New Year.

Words by – NJ

[Images courtesy of 24 Hours of Happy]

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